killingthecabinet Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:14:38 +0000 en hourly 1 Your Girl Got “Spiritualized” at Lotus Last Week Thu, 26 Feb 2015 17:17:13 +0000 Aurora YYDLvoB Imgur 1024x683 Your Girl Got Spiritualized at Lotus Last Week


I arrived late and when I walked in my stomach dropped. There were 100 people in the room and  Lotus was about to come on. This is my usual fear when the bands I love come to LA – nobody shows up, the promoter backs out of future shows at venues of  that size and before you know it, your bands aren’t coming to your hood anymore. Classic tale of the jam band scene in LalaLand. Indie rock, no problem. EDM, the kids are all over it. Hip hop kills it in LA. But the jam/jamtronica scene is practically non existent. This night in particular, the crowd at the House of Blues was small, yes, but everyone was definitely ready to go extra hard to make up for the lack of bodies. It turned out to be one of my favorite nights at the House of Blues to date.

They started off with “Greyrigg”, a mild groove that definitely felt like a warm up to the intensity that I think we all knew would soon follow. Two more songs in and things started to get a little rowdy. As “Suitcases” began, the lights shifted to a more vibrant blue hue that set the perfect tone for such a cool, playful song. I was extremely pleased with the very Nomadic first set. It’s my favorite Lotus album. In my opinion, Nomad is the true essence of Lotus’ sound. The guitars are bright and jazzy, the percussion is light and airy, and there are minimal transitions into those heavily synthesized, stern guitar forward moments that have become such a focus in recent years (Build, Guilded Age).

Things really turned up during the last song of the first set. As soon as the first note of “Spiritualize” came in, the room was pulsing. Drinks were in the air, the room filled with smoked. I  made new friends during that song, honestly. It was probably more monumental  for me than the average bear because I’ve been following this band for a decade and not once have I seen them play what I consider to be one my favorite songs. That cherry got popped.

After a short break, the second set took us on a whole new journey but didn’t stray from the Nomad theme. We got “Plant Your Root” and “Greet The Mind,” two gems that have been a strong foundation for what I truly love in music. They have such an ability to create positive emotion in their structure and tone and it translates so well in a small room. One thing I did not love was the Daft Punk cover (“Around the World”) and I don’t understand why that needs to be tied in. STS9 did it at the Palladium, too, and I didn’t enjoy that version either (which is saying a lot). Other than that, it was a moving performance overall and a night that I’ll never forget. Especially the moment when I finally got to experience the magic of “Spiritulaize” in the flesh. Happy girl.

VPXhChU Imgur 1024x682 Your Girl Got Spiritualized at Lotus Last Week

iIkoD38 Imgur 1024x683 Your Girl Got Spiritualized at Lotus Last Week

photo credit: Zack Blum

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Up Next: Humans Tue, 24 Feb 2015 19:36:29 +0000 Aurora ION HUMANS Noontide Up Next: Humans

By Aurora

So far, the first quarter of 2015 has been off to pretty decent start with a handful of albums I’m already deep into including my little lover boys, Rae Sremmurd’s Sremmlife, Drake’s surprise If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Panda Bear’s Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper. Some newbies in my life: Vancouver experimental electronic duo Humans (Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq). Their album Noontide (out today via Hybridity Music) caught me off guard last week and I’ve been obsessing over it ever since.

The whole album is impressive – catchy (but not annoyingly so) pop driven hooks and melodies, layered synthesizers and repetitive rhythms with fluttering, sometimes dark guitars. The self-described Detroit techno brings new flavor to an over saturated new age electronic scene with old school roots; notes of Kraftwerk, Miike Snow, Daft Punk, Tanlines, and even Pink Floyd (“Tell Me” outro) are sprinkled throughout the 11 songs.

Matt and I agree, we like this more every time we listen. And it’s been in heavy rotation this past week so, needless to say, we are fans.

Check out the video for “Follow” and while you’re t it, follow them yo! Twitter Facebook tour


2 Up Next: Humans

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

See them in LA at Los Globos on March 26th!

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Pandora’s Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!! Thu, 12 Feb 2015 06:49:46 +0000 Aurora  Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

By Aurora Cowen

The streets were buzzing in Hollywood on Sunday night after the 57th annual Grammy Awards with glamorous parties in every nightclub and lounge around the city. Industry professionals, artists and all around music fans flooded trendy nightlife hot spots for hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and performances by some of today’s most recognized artists.

Pandora’s event at Create (presented by T-mobile, Pandora and TuneIn) did not disappoint with an electric and ultra hyped DJ set by legendary rapper and personality, Lil Jon. As expected, we were encouraged to take shots and put our hands up, and we did as we were told. Mostly due to the open bar, of course. In reality, Lil John’s demeanor was significantly mild with very few “yeyeahs” and over the top outbursts as we remember from the early 2000′s. The vibe, however, was nothing short of a spectacle with multiple confetti blasts and a montage of power hits (including my new loves Rae Sremmurd).

The music was good, the food and drinks were great, and the crowd was even better. Dressed to kill and ready to mingle, it was a night to celebrate the year’s best music with others who not only understand and work in the business, but also appreciate the artists and the product of their hard work.

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!

 Pandoras Grammy After Party @ Create with Lil John, whaaaaat!!


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Saving Your Dried Up Rock Soul: Catfish and The Bottlemen’s The Balcony Mon, 02 Feb 2015 17:18:54 +0000 Charissa catfish Saving Your Dried Up Rock Soul:  Catfish and The Bottlemen’s The Balcony

By Charissa Lock

The album art sums up the eleven tracks quite perfectly.  The in-your-face, hand-in-pants, yet withholding the raunchy details experience is wrapped up in a slightly dim package.  The delivery of raw male honesty in multiple situations (some sexual others typical pre/post relationship, you know…the typical) is effortless complemented by the catchy pop rock sound with a British accent making a seamless identity.

There’s something about British “rockers” that you can’t quite put your finger on, but they always seem to get away with expressing “I pissed you off again, so that you’d leave me alone” and me automatically assuming there’s a stage five clinger when in most likelihood there’s a reasonable and nice lady being treated unfairly.  It’s like The 1975 where you just go along with anything Matt Healy says.  He’s British, it’s fine.  Van McCann (great name by the way) also possesses this signature characteristic and the entire album is greeted with leather bomber jackets, a pint in one hand, a cig in the other and me attaching myself to these intense emotional vocals.

Screen Shot 2015 02 11 at 9.47.37 AM Saving Your Dried Up Rock Soul:  Catfish and The Bottlemen’s The Balcony

The instrumentation that’s involved here is quite exceptional; it’s pretty close to a 50/50 with many songs housing half solo jams in gnarly intros, outros, and bridges and the other half in vocals.  Paying attention to these great guitar melodies and drum rolls is key in understanding these lads are more than just laying down catchy choruses.  Thinking in particular of “Cocoon”‘s bridge which I so lethargically spoke of in a previous post, or “Pacifier”‘s unexpectedly juicy transitions.  Some bands have difficulty sharing that live feel of completely rocking out on a record, yet The Bottlemen transmit the edginess and energy of The Balcony across all speakers.

2 Saving Your Dried Up Rock Soul:  Catfish and The Bottlemen’s The Balcony

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Catfish and The Bottlemen are the sound we have been subconsciously waiting for since The Kooks started down the more electronic path (nothing against them, they’re grooving in experimentation).  We’ve been craving the heavier rock from across the ocean that bands like The 1975 are fluttering around but aren’t quite stinging us with at the flawless bridges and thirty second intense guitar intros (rather we’re melting at the passion of Mr. Healy).  It’s raunchy, it’s honest, it’s explosive rock that’s teaming with the gloss of experience and professionalism.

See where they’re playing live near you here and check out this rad Killers’ cover here.

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My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm Thu, 29 Jan 2015 16:59:43 +0000 Charissa snowglobe 1024x682 My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

By Charissa Lock

Wolf Alice – “Bros”

2 My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Two years late, but arriving at just the perfect moment, Wolf Alice’s “Bros” swarms through my body in liberating movements.  Expelling the frigidity in spurts of bouncy instrumental choruses and an unexpectedly delicious bridge this track pulls up close to the inexplicable joy that KITTEN’s “G#” delivers.  Ellie Rowsell’s vocals flow over your soul with subtle intonations carrying along these slight melody changes to maximize pleasure.  With my street being in its most quiet and delicate state, “Bros” all but sends me leaping and dancing through the snow drifts at the backdrop of this musical freedom.


Awolnation – “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”

2 My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

“This Kid’s Not Alright” was a comforting extension of my confidence in the musical genius of Aaron Bruno following Megalithic Symphony’s mind blowing starting off point.  Yet, there was a pause there and I’m pleased to hear the new single “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” off of the upcoming Run album.  It’s welcoming to more than a “pop” audience with its abnormal transitions from verse to chorus and just a Bruno-ized approach to everything.  Yet, it is catchy as all hell and your eyebrows never furrow at any possible oddities because it’s a great song.  Capping off the tune is an excellent screamo bridge that you can certainly mash your head to.  Cannot wait for Run. 


MisterWives – “Our Own House”

2 My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Previewing the tuneage of one of my most anticipated albums of the year, Our Own House, I must say most tracks have left me dancing in the kitchen burning the grilled cheese sandwiches.  And to what do I owe the pleasure of kicking off all of this?  Well the first track of course.  A blend of modern meets 80s dance with horns and the quirky powerhouse voice of Mandy Lee Duffy.  As there are other songs I have a deeper connection with, the brilliant mix between Duffy’s vocal melodies and tonality with the instrumentation pinpoints you to only MisterWives, leaving no doubt behind the creators of this upbeat and perky track.


Catfish and the Bottlemen – “Cocoon”

2 My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Yeah, these lads will absolutely be elaborated more by me at a later date.  However, while I’m forced inside during this blizzard duration, I will be blasting Catfish and dying every time I hear the bridge to “Cocoon.”  The chorus is a throw your head back and sing along which already places this single at the top of the list.  Yet, as the song is nearing the end something magical happens that freezes everything in its path (no pun intended)…the instrumental bridge.  Are you even serious?  It’s so brilliant you feel faint as the whole world shifts along with those handfuls of notes.  Nope not that part…wait for it it…wait for it…  Yup, told ya so.

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A Deliriously Intoxicating Start to 2015: Mountain Opera’s Chairlift Ghosts EP Tue, 27 Jan 2015 16:29:40 +0000 Charissa ch A Deliriously Intoxicating Start to 2015:  Mountain Operas Chairlift Ghosts EP

By Charissa Lock

During my typical Hypem adventures, I’ll just go ahead and “heart” the things I find pleasing while I’m prepping at work.  Sometimes I’m so involved in lesson planning that I’m more tuned out to the notes sweeping through my otherwise quiet classroom than tuned in.  Then it hits you.  You aren’t ever prepared and you can never truly recall at what moment your ears locked on to something so juicy, yet a complete shift takes place ushering the background noise to the only idea you’re focusing on.

A picking guitar melody that is so simplistically imprinted in the foundation of “Mountain Chapel” and equally a mysterious flirtation to the newly acquainted listener.  And as the dusting of another melody introduces itself from faraway you find yourself entranced.  With the slightest hint of musical theater masked by something questionably sinister, the vocals ignite the song movement.  Although that easy to ingest guitar melody remains a constant without an addition of a large instrumental moment, monotony is not present.  Strange (especially for me), I know.  However, the pulsating of emotions fume resulting in a heightening of vocals, and it is here where the song’s intensity takes place.  Following this peak of passion, a slow breaking away of instrumentation leads you towards the song’s finality, but not before a Cymbals Eat Guitar’esque guitar distortion.  Before moving on to the second and final track on the EP, you must listen again, and most likely again, turned up all the way, headphones on, and maybe one more time.

The title track “Chairlift Ghosts” leaves you with a little more room to breathe, which is nice after having listened to the previous song about seven times in a row.  Inclusion of a multi instrumental melody allows you to see the talent of these chaps not only lies in their songwriting but their ability to manipulate sound as well.   Realizing in “Chairlift Ghosts” the smidge of Talking Heads intonation in vocals, you feel a little 80′s vibe coming through.  Continuing with echoes of other artists, the guitar melodies have that smooth and playful Bombay Bicycle Club sound.

2 A Deliriously Intoxicating Start to 2015:  Mountain Operas Chairlift Ghosts EP

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

These lads from Minnesota seemed to be spun from a web of inquisitive lyrical genius and respect for the brilliant nature of simplicity.  Within these walls you bathe in that aroma you cannot quite put your finger on, but lord knows they have it.  Their finished product has me on the floor, simultaneously gasping for more while indulging in what already is suffocating my soul.

Download Chairlift Ghosts for free on Bandcamp and be sure to stay updated with news and such things through Twitter and Facebook.

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KTC Presents: The Best Albums & Songs of 2014 Wed, 31 Dec 2014 17:00:01 +0000 Charissa ktc best of 2014 KTC Presents: The Best Albums & Songs of 2014

Intro by Matt Downes

ahhh.  that time of year.

Music is one of the few things we do in this world where you’re right just for doing one thing; listening.  The three editors of killing the cabinet, give you their best albums and records for the 4th year in a row. (Previous Years: 2011, 2012 and 2013)

Matt’s Picks

Albums: (In Order)
1. Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams
2. Foster The People - Supermodel
3. Electric Youth - Innerworld
4. Kitten - Kitten
5. First Aid Kit Stay Gold
6. Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again
7. Manchester Orchestra - Cope
8. This Will Destroy You - Another Language
9. Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE
10. Lights - Little Machines 

Songs: (Not in any order, yes I suck for not getting this down to 10)
1. Foster The People - “The Truth”
2. I Break H0rses - “Heart to Know”
3. Hooray For Earth - “Racy”
4. Lykke Li - “Never Gonna Love Again”
5. Elliphant (feat. ) - “One More”
6. Lees of Memory - “Fallen Star”
7. Electric Youth - “Without You”
8. Night Terrors of 1927, Tegan and Sara - “When You Were Mine (feat. Tegan and Sara)”
9. Joyce Manor - “Christmas Card”
10. Taylor Swift - “Blank Space”
11. Ryan Adams – “Wrecking Ball”
12. Ryan Adams – “Feels like Fire”
13. Manchester Orchestra – “Girl Harbor”
14. St. Lucia - “The Way You Remember Me”
15. First Aid Kit – “The Bell”
16. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Laramie
17. Angel Olsen - “Windows”
18. Lights – “Don’t Go Home Without Me”
19. White Sea – “Warsaw”
20. Broods – “Never Gonna Change”
21. Walk The Moon – “Work This Body”
22. Lana Del Rey - “West Coast”
23. Morning Parade – “Alienation”
24. Strange Talk - “Young Hearts”
25. Chvrches – “Dead Air”


1. Cymbals Eat Guitars - Lose
2. Walk The Moon - Talking is Hard
3. Say Anything - Hebrews
4. ODESZA - In Return
5. Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away
6. Sia - 1,000 Forms of Fear
7. Ghost Beach - Blonde
8. First Aid Kit  -Stay Gold
9. Manchester Orchestra - Cope
10. Foster The People - Supermodel

1. Lykke Li - “Gunshot”
2. Sheppard -  ”Geronimo”
3. Misterwives - “Reflections”
4. Cymbals Eat Guitars - “Child Bride”
5. Walk The Moon - “Work This Body”*
6. Odesza - “I Will Be There”
7. Sia - “Chandelier”
8. Manchester Orchestra - “The Ocean”*
9. Broods “Mother & Father”
10. Foster the People “The Truth”
Honorable Mentions:
Phantogram“Fall In Love”
Ingrid Micheaelson - “Girls Chase Boys”


1. Phantogram - Voices
2. BANKS Goddess
3. Alt-J - This is All Yours
4. Beck Morning Phase
5. Hooray For Earth Racy
6. Sohn - Tremors
7. Manchester Orchestra - Cope
8. Pink Floyd - The Endless River
9. Kid Cudi - Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon
10. Tycho Awake

Honorable Mentions:
J.Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive
Aphex Twin - Syro
 - No Mythologies to Follow
Atmosphere - Southsiders

1. Beyonce - “Heaven”
2. Cymbals Eat Guitars - “Jackson”
3. Aquilo - “Human”
4. Hozier - “Take Me To Church”
5. BANKS - “Brain”
6. BANKS - “Waiting Game”
7. Foster the People - “The Truth”
8. Tycho - “Awake”
9. Alt-J - ”Hunger of the Pine”
10.- “Dust is Gone”

Honorable mentions:
FKA Twigs - “Video Girl”

Special Thanks to Aurora and Charissa for continuing to push this tiny blog during a year filled with changes. Love you both.

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A Soothing Digitized Lullaby – Electric Youth’s Innerworld Mon, 01 Dec 2014 17:00:58 +0000 Charissa CS2516814 02A BIG A Soothing Digitized Lullaby   Electric Youths Innerworld

By Charissa Lock

Synth pop has allowed itself, whether or not willingly, to slip into genres that it probably doesn’t belong, in minds that are incapable of delivering it with the proper attitude.  Yet, through the wind swept genre appears a duo that we recall from the Drive soundtrack (“A Real Hero”) and are courteously reminded of how synth pop should sound.  How it should make us feel, and whether or not like they want to admit it, the stage of timelessness is set and we could be in 1985 or in 2020, still making the same body sways and appreciating it the same way.

Electric Youth stems from the fated mystery of presently everlasting young love and have released their first LP, Innerworld.  The beautifully falsetto vocals of Bronwyn Griffin are as soft and flowing as synth pop females are supposed to be, yet so few are.  Ttracks like “All She Has Is You,” is delicately woven flowing along an eerie melody, bordering on creepy but never seeming to cross the line. It’s the darker whispery texture that sets the stage for this nighttime atmosphere.  Even the more upbeat tracks like “Runaway” and “Without You” are cast in a shadow while keying along on catchy choruses set to hearty synthesizer instrumentation.  Though I enjoy Griffin’s porcelain vocals, my favorite track would have to be  the instrumental intro “Before Life.”  The infinite nature that is pieced together key by key, instrument by instrument, inflates your soul leaving you weightless.  As long as you veer your eyes away from the album cover, which may or may not be created by your niece in her middle school graphic design class, this album is one to check out.

Screen Shot 2014 12 01 at 11.05.44 PM A Soothing Digitized Lullaby   Electric Youths Innerworld

Innerworld has a balance of daintily textured atmospheric melodies and the mysterious futuristic synthesizer foundation.  Bouncing off one another your experience with these twelve tracks could either be obtaining peace through meditative reflection or the fading of twilight into a morning where the loss of structure runs like a current through your veins.  Some more than others touch either of these heightened states of self, but in all instances you don’t want to just be driving or just be cooking, Innerworld requires more from you than that.

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Preview: STS9 at the Wiltern 11/21 Mon, 17 Nov 2014 05:52:41 +0000 Aurora event poster 3268702 Preview: STS9 at the Wiltern 11/21

Get ready Los Angeles, the best traveling dance party is headed our way this coming Friday! It’s Sound Tribe Sector 9 of course, and they’re hitting The Wiltern on November 21st. It will be their first show back to the City of Angels since the joining of new bassist, Alana Rocklin of sub-ID, and no doubt they will be in full-force. Doors open at 7:30PM sharp, so be there, not square. We’ve got Colorado native, Michal Menert bringing his “space jazz” to kick off the party. And, if you’ve never had the chance to catch an STS9 show before, trust this will turn the average TGIF into one of the best nights of your life. There’s no better time to get on board; the band is stronger than ever, with music and lights that never fail. So get ready, get hott, ‘cause rest assured you won’t walk out lookin’ the way you came in. Ow ow, let’s do this!

Check out our review of their 2013 Palladium show, the last we saw with Murphy on bass.

Get tickets here!

STS9 Facebook

STS9 Twitter

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Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap-Up Fri, 07 Nov 2014 17:00:53 +0000 matt LIB Day1 34 1024x682 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up

by Matt Downes with photos by Chase McCurdy.  Learn more about Chase here.

UPDATED: Did you like our photos?  See our entire collage here.

Life is Beautiful has firmly planted their flag in the garden of American music festivals.  The music was top-heavy and the food was incredible.  While getting to experience what the festival has to offer in its entirety is almost impossible, they have focused on creating a clean, safe and very different atmosphere from what other typical big festivals have to offer.  This is one experience that has to be be seen and heard in the first person. I will try and give you the low, medium and high-lights of the festival as best as I can.

Balloons were a theme of this years festival.  What balloon made it the most distance?

LIB Day1 8 1024x682 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up


If you were a second year attendee, it took a minute to get a grasp of the grounds.  This won’t happen next year as I bet they’ll keep everything the same.  Maybe the maps need to be clearer or maybe I just needed to get the 2013 comparison out of my head.

I think they blew it with the Ambassador beer tents.  They were almost invisible and need to be in a higher traffic area next year.  I literally thought beer was a limited offering this year until around the middle of day two.  My bad kinda?

Big face with a missing singer

LIB Day1 23 1024x682 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up


Watching Paper Route with their manager head bobbing a few feet away from the stage.

Returning again and again to the main stage culinary village.  Favorites were the lobster roll from the main culinary village, the sushi offerings from Nobu and the Freakshow cabernet sauvignon by the Huntridge stage. (check out my background photo on twitter)

Matt and Kim forcing you to put your dancing shoes on at the end of a very long festival Saturday.  kudos!

Rapper Ekoh put on a day show that drew a nice crowd at the Huntridge Stage.  It will be fun watching his ascent over the next couple of years.

The King among women?

LIB Day1 10 1024x1024 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up

Best of.

Kanye West gave us a performance for the ages.  Chase, one of ktc’s photographers, said it best “We didn’t deserve what we saw”.  The setlist was filled with all the classics.

The Flaming Lips.  Yes, you were at Outkast right?  I understand, but the Lips made the festival “a complete circle”.

The Foo Fighters covering Tom Petty and The HeartbreakersBreakdown” for around 8 minutes.

Alt-J stating they’re thrilled to be in Las Vegas for the first time in awhile and were looking forward to attending the Foo Fighters performance the next night.

St. Lucia and The Preachers delivering opposite end sets

Best bathrooms of any festival I’ve ever been too (topping their setup last year).  Clean, efficient setup and tons of fresh sinks to stay free and clear of EBOLA.

Alt-J were gracious to their LIB hosts and told the crowd they were attending the Foo Fighters performance the following night.

LIB Day2 24 1024x682 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up


Did not have time in my schedule to personally see Phantogram, Echosmith, The Head and the Heart or Kacey Musgraves.

For the second year in a row, I simply didn’t partake in the Art part of the festival. #isuck

I heard whispers that the pre-party barbecue on Thursday night was outstanding.  Might do that next year too, but they need to lower that ticket to $99 to get more involved.

The indubitable Roots.

LIB Day2 15 1024x1024 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up


Besides an outstanding introduction, Lionel Richie‘s set was boring in my opinion.  It made me all that more dedicated to seeing the entire Alt-J performance.

I stayed at the El Cortez which was right next to the entrance and while they had absolutely ridiculous security to get in and out of the hotel, the entrance was literally right outside the side door.  #epic

The best 90 minutes of the entire festival.  #lips

LIB Day2 41 1024x682 Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up

Final Thoughts.

The lineup was curated with great care for the wide demographic that attended this festival.  I have nothing to back this up with other than personal opinion, but they need to continue to raise the bar for the middle of the lineup talent.  They did a GREAT job of allowing the headliners free reign to do what they want, but need to get some artists in there that have their machines moving a bit better.  This would’ve resulted in a sell out for sure.  Kids and kids parents finance these festivals. They also share their experiences prior, during and after the festival more than adults.  This social currency is what has made Coachella so freakin cool. 

I cannot wait for next year.  Definitely could see myself attending this festival every single year.  I hope Rock N Rio doesn’t interfere with their bookings!

 slider 796x340 thanks Life is Beautiful Festival 2014 Wrap Up

Day One, Day Two and Day Three photos can be found here!

ktc mgmt

Special Thanks: Langdon + Flynn Communications!

Photos: All photos were taken by Chase McCurdy.  Learn more about him here.


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Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014 Tue, 04 Nov 2014 17:00:36 +0000 matt New Politics Web 33 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

by Matthew Downes with photos by Colin Rieser of Blue Kite Cinema

Rarely does a support band return 21 months later as the headlining band.  This was a special case.  We were introduced to New Politics through the incredible twenty one pilots.  Ya see, about 24 months ago these two bands hit the road in support of their new records and the story that followed is, like I said, rarely repeated.  Here we are at a sold out, but lightly packed floor, in November at the world famous Goldenvoice-owned-Fonda-theater for a night on the New Politics Everywhere I Go tour that featured way too many sponsors to name for this tiny blog (ok we named some at the bottom).

They kicked off the night with what I think is their biggest song, played some covers and closed out with “Harlem” to a crowd that reminded me of being at Vampire Weekend show; screaming girls everywhere.  They announced at the show that they’re gonna release a new record in February and that this show was the best of the entire tour.  Two things to be very happy about.  We had fun, curious to see if they’ll be back for that 2nd weekend in April. #GV

New Politics Facebook ::: Twitter ::: Instagram ::: Website

New Politics Web 2 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 3 682x1024 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 10 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 1 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 4 682x1024 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 6 682x1024 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 7 682x1024 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 8 682x1024 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

 New Politics Web 101 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 11 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 13 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 15 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

New Politics Web 17 1024x682 Concert Review: New Politics at The Fonda Theater November 1st, 2014

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]]> 0 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder! Fri, 24 Oct 2014 23:14:16 +0000 Aurora DSC 0640 1024x680 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder!

By Maggie Brawley

This past Thursday, Oct. 16, marked my seventh year in Los Angeles, and as a self-proclaimed, ‘west-sider for life,’ what better way to shake it up than to head to the opposite side of town? East/West battles aside, I’m always appreciative to get out and experience subculture of any sort. The east side of Los Angeles was once a heavy, crime-centric area, which oddly converted to a trendy, hipster capital. It certainly upholds it’s current reputation, and this night wasn’t shy in the slightest of representatives. Everyone was piling in at the Echoplex to catch rising star, MØ. Naturally, it was a homogenized display of trends, but this time was ode-specific to MØ and her foundation of references to youth culture.

For those unfamiliar, is a Danish badass, with some ridiculously sultry vocals. Being one of the many twenty-something starlet’s currently on the rise, there’s just something different about MØ. Maybe it’s the Euro-flavor she brings to the table, but with talent of that caliber, it was clear from the get-go she was going to bulldoze through any barriers between her and the masses. And like many entertainers of the western world, there’s no shortage of re-appropriation of cultural artifacts. But, MØ somehow maintains subtle delivery, the references are overt, but not shoved in your face with purpose of commentary. Instead, it’s as if she’s never taken her hair out of that scrunchie since the first time she styled it that way… while rocking out to the Spice Girls of course. It’s who she is, it’s apart of her youthful memories connecting her to many of us.

After a lifetime of studying musician biographies, or never missing a Behind The Music episode, naturally I’m waiting for the climax of every narrative. So, when I first discover an artist that is breaking onto the scene, I instantly go into probe mode. What is their story? What led them to this point? Who is behind the production? Who’s writing this? What’s the influences behind their aesthetic? Nowadays, one’s break could damn well be from anything. In the thick of Network Society, the fame myth or notions of what deems the American Dream are now elevated to an entirely new dimension. MØ has a throw back feeling though. Once upon a time it used to be the glory days of flyers and total word of mouth, not mediated communication. MØ’s roots are Euro, underground punk rock, only for her to have evolved into a progressive pop-star. In fact, MØ is a perfect representation of a progressive pop-star, just enough accessibility, just enough acquired taste.

I recall the first time Aurora told me about her. Aurora is the queen of discovering new music and emerging artists. Girlfriend probably watched over 1000 videos last year, and she’s very much in tune with what’s coming, and also what I’m going to dig. She told me about the brand new video of this chick she’d been following for a bit, except this time she came out with a song produced by Diplo. It was filmed in our Venice backyard, and it captured my attention with it’s eccentricities similar to the way Grimesbreakthrough video did. Everything about her blew me away. I liked her look too. She stood out. She wasn’t your conventional beauty. She was different and had this positive power about her. This was before her EP, Bikini Daze was even released. Now, a full-album later, we watched MØ jump from 40k likes on Facebook to 200+k in a very short period. And, after seeing her live, there is reason for this madness.

The Echoplex is notorious for late sets, but we were there early to catch the opening act, some talented jam buddies of mine, HOLYCHILD. They’ve been on tour with MØ for the past month. The line was already building, and it makes sense considering HOLYCHILD fits right into the Silverlake scene. They’re a reliable pick with their spunk, catchy hooks, and new songs containing some pretty dope electro-beats. I went to a few shows this past week, all of which had dual drummers, HOLYCHILD being one of them. This worked especially well for their set. The crowd was loving front lady, Liz, and her partner in crime, Louie brought solid musicianship to the table. Holy or not, this is a natural birth, and they’re without a doubt some playful, indie-pop children of Silverlake. De Lux was the mid man, with a sound similar to Talking Heads meets Chris Isaak vocals. There’s a lot of seemingly tropical, sonic elements happening these days, which felt to be the case here. It got us dancing as the crowd thickened deep underneath the club’s incredibly low ceilings.


2 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder!

Click here to view the video on YouTube.


About five till eleven, the lights finally dim and we were greeted by MØ’s drummer, slamming away as the rest of the band joined. Of course everyone went nuts as soon as we were delighted with the presence of the one & only, MØ. The second she opens her mouth, you realize she’s on another level. It was clear after following her that her development was not overnight; however, it does seem like a natural progression. Her evolvement is right on schedule, and the talent smacks you in the face. The songs and the sound are there. Her inherent badass-ness just nicely ties it all up with a big ‘ole scrunchie.

It was just six months ago that we caught MØ at The Troubadour where it was clear that her fire had been lit and was about to take off. With an upcoming SNL debut as a feature on Iggy Izaelea‘s new single, we can say goodbye to the dance party we started with MØ at her after party in LA. Or will we? MØ is one of many that makes cultural references of youth by paying homage to her childhood influences and she definitely banks conceptually off of this, but the thing that feels different when being apart of her audience is the connection. She’s not disconnected from her peers at all. It makes sense that her roots stem back to an underground punk-rock scene in Denmark. She’s just a leader of the riot. And, just as some random chick and I looked at each other nodding in awe, who said, “She just doesn’t know how good she is.” The funny thing is, homegirl loves the camera. She is almost glued to the front of the stage, preferring to be near the front-goers, and in need of the exchange of warmth. In true Leo fashion, she’s a smooth sailing star, and she does her damn thing. And, of course, what always remains to be of the upmost importance: the music is awesome.

DSC 0534 1024x680 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder!

In between songs, she posed to the audience that she had a question for us. I assumed what was next was some rehearsed line, instead she wanted to know if anyone had a hair tie. And well, there ya go. That’s MØ. She has no idea what a disconnect from her peers even means, and that’s what elevates all that enormous talent to the next level. Living in Los Angeles equates to having the luxury of a surplus of live music, and seeing someone live for the first time becomes the ultimate test. There often lacks an authenticity. Especially in Los Angeles where insecurities run rampant; it borders on defying everything performing is all about. And, the bigger the rise, the more disconnect from their peers. Entertainment yes, but without the connection, what is there? Without the consideration of the audience, what is there then? If you don’t give a damn about who you are speaking to, then seriously what is there? MØ is right there amongst her greater collective, standing proudly, and in true punk rock form, embracing identity in the face of her kindreds, her peers. And, the talent and the music are good enough for her to take it all the way. She brings us back to what it’s all about. Her gifts are in the best light and she’s living out her purpose. She’s a star, but she knows, none of that shit matters, because she can’t lead with no pack.
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