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By Maggie Brawley

This past Thursday, Oct. 16, marked my seventh year in Los Angeles, and as a self-proclaimed, ‘west-sider for life,’ what better way to shake it up than to head to the opposite side of town? East/West battles aside, I’m always appreciative to get out and experience subculture of any sort. The east side of Los Angeles was once a heavy, crime-centric area, which oddly converted to a trendy, hipster capital. It certainly upholds it’s current reputation, and this night wasn’t shy in the slightest of representatives. Everyone was piling in at the Echoplex to catch rising star, MØ. Naturally, it was a homogenized display of trends, but this time was ode-specific to MØ and her foundation of references to youth culture.

For those unfamiliar, is a Danish badass, with some ridiculously sultry vocals. Being one of the many twenty-something starlet’s currently on the rise, there’s just something different about MØ. Maybe it’s the Euro-flavor she brings to the table, but with talent of that caliber, it was clear from the get-go she was going to bulldoze through any barriers between her and the masses. And like many entertainers of the western world, there’s no shortage of re-appropriation of cultural artifacts. But, MØ somehow maintains subtle delivery, the references are overt, but not shoved in your face with purpose of commentary. Instead, it’s as if she’s never taken her hair out of that scrunchie since the first time she styled it that way… while rocking out to the Spice Girls of course. It’s who she is, it’s apart of her youthful memories connecting her to many of us.

After a lifetime of studying musician biographies, or never missing a Behind The Music episode, naturally I’m waiting for the climax of every narrative. So, when I first discover an artist that is breaking onto the scene, I instantly go into probe mode. What is their story? What led them to this point? Who is behind the production? Who’s writing this? What’s the influences behind their aesthetic? Nowadays, one’s break could damn well be from anything. In the thick of Network Society, the fame myth or notions of what deems the American Dream are now elevated to an entirely new dimension. MØ has a throw back feeling though. Once upon a time it used to be the glory days of flyers and total word of mouth, not mediated communication. MØ’s roots are Euro, underground punk rock, only for her to have evolved into a progressive pop-star. In fact, MØ is a perfect representation of a progressive pop-star, just enough accessibility, just enough acquired taste.

I recall the first time Aurora told me about her. Aurora is the queen of discovering new music and emerging artists. Girlfriend probably watched over 1000 videos last year, and she’s very much in tune with what’s coming, and also what I’m going to dig. She told me about the brand new video of this chick she’d been following for a bit, except this time she came out with a song produced by Diplo. It was filmed in our Venice backyard, and it captured my attention with it’s eccentricities similar to the way Grimesbreakthrough video did. Everything about her blew me away. I liked her look too. She stood out. She wasn’t your conventional beauty. She was different and had this positive power about her. This was before her EP, Bikini Daze was even released. Now, a full-album later, we watched MØ jump from 40k likes on Facebook to 200+k in a very short period. And, after seeing her live, there is reason for this madness.

The Echoplex is notorious for late sets, but we were there early to catch the opening act, some talented jam buddies of mine, HOLYCHILD. They’ve been on tour with MØ for the past month. The line was already building, and it makes sense considering HOLYCHILD fits right into the Silverlake scene. They’re a reliable pick with their spunk, catchy hooks, and new songs containing some pretty dope electro-beats. I went to a few shows this past week, all of which had dual drummers, HOLYCHILD being one of them. This worked especially well for their set. The crowd was loving front lady, Liz, and her partner in crime, Louie brought solid musicianship to the table. Holy or not, this is a natural birth, and they’re without a doubt some playful, indie-pop children of Silverlake. De Lux was the mid man, with a sound similar to Talking Heads meets Chris Isaak vocals. There’s a lot of seemingly tropical, sonic elements happening these days, which felt to be the case here. It got us dancing as the crowd thickened deep underneath the club’s incredibly low ceilings.


2 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder!

Click here to view the video on YouTube.


About five till eleven, the lights finally dim and we were greeted by MØ’s drummer, slamming away as the rest of the band joined. Of course everyone went nuts as soon as we were delighted with the presence of the one & only, MØ. The second she opens her mouth, you realize she’s on another level. It was clear after following her that her development was not overnight; however, it does seem like a natural progression. Her evolvement is right on schedule, and the talent smacks you in the face. The songs and the sound are there. Her inherent badass-ness just nicely ties it all up with a big ‘ole scrunchie.

It was just six months ago that we caught MØ at The Troubadour where it was clear that her fire had been lit and was about to take off. With an upcoming SNL debut as a feature on Iggy Izaelea‘s new single, we can say goodbye to the dance party we started with MØ at her after party in LA. Or will we? MØ is one of many that makes cultural references of youth by paying homage to her childhood influences and she definitely banks conceptually off of this, but the thing that feels different when being apart of her audience is the connection. She’s not disconnected from her peers at all. It makes sense that her roots stem back to an underground punk-rock scene in Denmark. She’s just a leader of the riot. And, just as some random chick and I looked at each other nodding in awe, who said, “She just doesn’t know how good she is.” The funny thing is, homegirl loves the camera. She is almost glued to the front of the stage, preferring to be near the front-goers, and in need of the exchange of warmth. In true Leo fashion, she’s a smooth sailing star, and she does her damn thing. And, of course, what always remains to be of the upmost importance: the music is awesome.

DSC 0534 1024x680 Cool Thing, You Make The Streets A Wonder!

In between songs, she posed to the audience that she had a question for us. I assumed what was next was some rehearsed line, instead she wanted to know if anyone had a hair tie. And well, there ya go. That’s MØ. She has no idea what a disconnect from her peers even means, and that’s what elevates all that enormous talent to the next level. Living in Los Angeles equates to having the luxury of a surplus of live music, and seeing someone live for the first time becomes the ultimate test. There often lacks an authenticity. Especially in Los Angeles where insecurities run rampant; it borders on defying everything performing is all about. And, the bigger the rise, the more disconnect from their peers. Entertainment yes, but without the connection, what is there? Without the consideration of the audience, what is there then? If you don’t give a damn about who you are speaking to, then seriously what is there? MØ is right there amongst her greater collective, standing proudly, and in true punk rock form, embracing identity in the face of her kindreds, her peers. And, the talent and the music are good enough for her to take it all the way. She brings us back to what it’s all about. Her gifts are in the best light and she’s living out her purpose. She’s a star, but she knows, none of that shit matters, because she can’t lead with no pack.
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Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24-26 Fri, 17 Oct 2014 16:00:56 +0000 Charissa Life+Is+Beautiful+Festival+LIB LOGORGBDATEPLACE01 copy Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

by Matthew Downes & Charissa Lock

Big music names headline the Life is Beautiful festival that will surely draw in folks from afar include Foo Fighters, Outkast, Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys and Skrillex.  Yes of course you must consider the close to 70 other artists in the lineup, where you’ll see “Matt & Kim” tucked away in the top quarter of the list or “Misterwives” in the bottom quarter that could be the pull for some.  In its second year, Life Is Beautiful Festival (LIB) has done a pretty fantastic job of signing on bands that are distinctive or haven’t performed in Las Vegas in years or ever…alongside another fantastic list of chefs, speakers, and artists that you can peruse. Looking at the music lineup, a few stand out that I’ve either been meaning to see, am intrigued by their stage presence, or am using this performance as a measuring stick.

 On October 16th Mø cancelled due to unforeseen scheduling errors.  Her replacement is Vacationer.  

 mo 1 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Photo Credit

2 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

*Note the record on her nightstand within the first thirty seconds of the video. #kitten #Chloe

What hasn’t been said about the artist Mø yet?  Besides her hairstyle, which can easily be put off as her unaffected-by-what-others-think attitude, she heightens the pedestal of the female “indie” pop artist.  Of all the girls (Lorde, Charli, Sky, Elliphant etc.), she is in my opinion simply the most unique.

Making final judgements about artists’ work in the first 2, 3 or 4 years of their career is basically stupid.  By year 6 they start really dealing, writing and singing about their own grief, begin creating their own identity and probably have positioned themselves into or carved out a genre accepting of them and hopefully found a handful of mainstream opportunities that have or are about to create a bountiful career; or its long over.  Whether its 5, 6, 7 or 10 years, the ones that survive the tumultuous music business are the ones who TRULY make it.  Luck helps the few and far between, while style and timeless songs last forever.

Mø hasn’t done any of these things; yet. She just happens to pull off the” I don’t really give a fuck” (#IDGAF) and “I’ve got some good songs” outlook.  This being the case, a live performance would be an experience to say the least.  I am MOST looking forward to see what she can bring to her first live performance in the city of sin. 


 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Photo Credit

2 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

First time I saw this guy was in Las Vegas at the Life is Beautiful lineup announcement at the Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl back earlier this year.  Bumping into him at the end of the concert I was able to shake his hand and wish him luck. Within a few days of adding him on Facebook we had a conversation about how his career was going and where he was headed.  He has a small, but rabid fanbase and somehow you just can feel his potential. He reminds me of Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, if that’s your flavor, but only by vocal presence so don’t judge a book by its cover.  This super accessible, young, white rapper seems to be genuine.   Hope to see you in a few years to check in on everything EKOH, for now I’ll see you next weekend.

Catfish and the Bottlemen 

Catfish And The Bottlemen band Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Photo Credit

2 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

I don’t know much about the English band Catfish and the Bottlemen. Pretty sure I found them on some weird blog somewhere about their album Balcony coming out and I listened to one song. With their sound reminding me of other bands from the UK; Twin Atlantic, The Kooks, a less electronic Morning Parade you can see why I’m sucked in.  Purposely and accidentally going into this blind, I’m hoping their live show inspires me to go out and grab more of their recorded stuff.


priory color pressshot 1024x682 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Photo Credit

2 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Warner Bros. is behind the duo from Portland Oregon.  You might’ve heard their summer Dancehall crasher “Weekend” (see above) or if you’re a hardcore Nylon follower, their new single “Put Em Up.”  Their story is unbelievable…you need to go read their bio, if you can find it.  I haven’t seen them live yet and have to say I’m looking forward to hearing the lyrics “Hell yeah I just got paid, it’s time to get this started” lyrics that speak to every working class citizen worldwide.  If they go on Friday at 5pm, it’ll be a perfectly executed gig by Priory’s agent and the talent buyer of LIB.

P.S. They go on at 3:30 to 4:10pm on Friday, close-a-freakin-ough,

Bear Hands  

bearhands 1024x682 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Photo Credit

2 Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/24 26

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

The team that’s behind this artist (agent 1, agent 2, label, management & publicist) are considered industry royalty.  Bear Hands have been around since 2010 and it appears they have done a lot of things right to get to this point.  Another band I don’t have much insight on, mostly faith that they’ll delivery something spot on live.

Look forward to my insight previewing the entire event on Thursday of next week!

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Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014 Wed, 15 Oct 2014 17:36:23 +0000 matt GerardWay TheFonda 5 1024x1024 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

by Matthew Downes with images provided by Chase McCurdy

My Chemical Romance told a generation of kids that it was ok to “not” be ok.  Front man Gerard Way, of MCR, is back in a new band all his own.

Last night, October 14th, was the 2nd coming out party for Way in Los Angeles as he headlined the world famous Troubadour on Monday the night before.  Tuesday was no different as kids and fans alike filled the also-stellar Fonda Theater in Hollywood.  Any famous musician often will find pushback from their fans when they don’t play the hits, but Gerard stood firm performing entirely new stuff.  I am 100% on board with this as he’s carving out something entirely different on his debut, Hesitant Alien [Reprise Records] (Out Now!).

New chapter and maybe similar stories and “I’m ok” with that.  If radio can give him a little push Gerard might be famous twice.

He’s on the road for awhile too.  Tour Dates

Tune into TBS tonight (Wednesday October 15th) at 11:00/ 10:00c to catch his performance of “No Shows” on Conan! 

Check out the video for “No Shows” and our pics from the Fonda show below…

2 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

Click here to view the video on YouTube.


GerardWay TheFonda 1 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 2 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 3 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 6 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 7 1024x1024 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 8 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 9 682x1024 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 10 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 12 682x1024 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 13 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014

GerardWay TheFonda 14 1024x682 Gerard Way at the Fonda Theater October 14th, 2014


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Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers Thu, 02 Oct 2014 16:00:20 +0000 Charissa riptide vance joy Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

By Charissa Lock

It’s on the dancing waves in my head that are giggling with the options that are allowing them to flutter and sway that gives me the pleasure and passion for writing this. As Misterwives‘ single “Reflections” has been mesmerizing me for months now, Walk The Moon‘s “Shut Up and Dance” knocked me off my feet upon its first appearance only a week ago or so.

To say I’m obsessed with these songs would be closest to the truth as I crave to listen to each of these on repeat. No matter how many times I hear “All my friends are turning green,” I belt out along side Vance Joy and beam at the giddiness “Riptide” has provided me. As I’m a typical album listener (shocking),I’ve been seduced by catchy pop beats in under four minute increments, batting their eyelashes of melt-your-heart melodies and making passes via foot stomping tempos or incomprehensible vocal intonations (that would be Miss Sia).

2 Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

My delight in the indie folk multi transitional, insatiable sing along “Riptide” are equal in passion as New Yorkers Misterwives’ “Reflections.”  The dance-your-face-off pauses to ear-candy-vocal drops of Mandy Lee provide a wonderland of “I’m Every Woman“-esque emotion and movement commanding you to blast off your tuchus.  Now I should probably learn the lyrics so I’m not sounding like a dying animal every time I hear this track.

2 Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Continuing with the female vocals, let’s move on to the chills inducing, lump in your throat caused by the lovely Australian, Sia Furler.  The bleeding honesty in the dips and extensions of her voice is the radiance of emotion, thick and powerful.  Her entire album (1000 Forms of Fear) is soaked in these unbelievable vocals backed up by these instrumental hooks and transitions drilling your soul in a complete epic experience.  Yet, my theme seems to be these jumpy beats, so consequently I’ve been rangled in by her track “Hostage.” This song is a conglomeration of fun and though you still get to hear the wonder of those raspy intonations, it’s only a slight dusting compared to other tracks which are more powerhouse and less “fun.” So I guess what I’m saying is…jam out to “Hostage,” but don’t forget to listen to the other eleven.

2 Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

And of course, we cannot forget the possibly-more-popular-than- “Anna Sun” track, “Shut Up and Dance,” by those charming Walk The Moon boys.  In all seriousness, this extremely anticipated single has the ability to blast into mainstream stardom with its direct flirtatious conversation and unexpected chorus transition (well at least on the first listen, it’s not where I thought it was going and I was pleasantly surprised!). The melodies and instrumentation are typical of WTM, but if this is your first time hearing them, you’ll be knocked off your feet with the freshness of modernized 80s dance with an indie twist.

2 Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Loving these tunes has been quite a backstage dance party.  Solving the annoyance of Youtube not allowing you to listen and do anything else on your phone/computer/iPad, I created a playlist on Spotify of these fancy tracks among others that keep your mood perky and feet light.  Since this has all taken place on a Sunday it’s inevitably titled “Sunday Funday” for not only the enjoyment of myself, but others as well.

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Boston Calling: Fall 2014 Summary Thu, 25 Sep 2014 16:00:36 +0000 Charissa DSC 1077edit 685x1024  Boston Calling:  Fall 2014 Summary

by Charissa Lock featured image by Kate Lock

What we know for sure about Boston Calling:  One, they never cease to make improvements on the experience while not messing with those factors we love about the festival and Two, the weather sticks up a middle finger at least one out of the three days.  It was for this latter common occurrence that resulted in attendees, staff, and artists seeking shelter at the warnings of a tornado on day two of the festival.  Fortunately, I was unable to make this day and was saved from the queasy stomach and worry that such a situation would inevitably deem.  However, in my search of how everything was being handled and the safety of all, Twitter users were sharing either the disappointment of waiting to see Lorde or their welcoming of festival goers to their cousins apartment nearby, etc.  Not sure if you’ve noticed this or not about social media, but typically if there’s something negative that happens it’s usually that negative that is shared.  Therefore, it became my understanding that the way the situation was handled by all of those in charge of getting people to safety was done with efficiency and respect.  For if things were handled inappropriately, or scrambled, that would have been all I found on Twitter.  I find this very rewarding for a downtown city festival to be successful at their first emergency type of situation.  Needless to say, no tornado touched down and all was clear minus some slight wind damage (at the festival any ways, other parts of Massachusetts had greater damage).  The most amazing part was, when I went the following day, there was virtually no word of it by the crowds.

Now about those improvements…Samuel Adams included their Octoberfest additions to this fall event.  They had Sam Adams beers stations set up around with pre-poured drinks just waiting to be purchased and consumed.  There also was the inclusion of a lawn area that I of course didn’t realize until I was leaving the festival (yeah, I know).  There were modern lounge areas, giant games of jenga, artistic structures, and screens showing the video feed of the live bands.  This of course was nestled after the food trucks that offered delicious meals from the previous festival as well as some newbies.  On the safety side of things, the check-in was also a little more secure for media, as our IDs were checked this time, which felt more secure.

As for the reason why I went in the first place, the music was excellent.  The combination of artists that rocked the stage on Sunday were phenomenal.  And even coming from the point of view of a diehard fan to a few of the bands, it was in the eyes of those who hadn’t experienced the bands before that confirmed my notion that this was an epic line up.  My goosebumps seemed to explode after twenty one pilots’ “Trees” concluded and my recovery wouldn’t begin to take place until after hearing and seeing the euphoria of first time observers.  Male and female, young and old, everyone was in disbelief at the intensity of that incredible duo, and to think that they hadn’t even experienced one of their more personal shows.  The festival also brought the Matt Healy/The 1975 maniac teenagers, which was something in itself to be bombarded with.  I mean, he didn’t disappoint with those vocals and guitar solos, but he also seemed to be proving that his band was of the genius side and they made sure to heighten the bar on each of their songs so that my “I love this one live!” just became the summary of their set.   My favorite unknown-to-me band was Lake Street Dive who was having a blast on stage, while Scarlet Johansson/Jessica Biel look alike lead singer Rachael Price crooned away with her soul melting vocals.  I also enjoyed the performance of San Fermin with the in sync and energetic nature of the horns and other instrumentation.  Besides my lack of interest in the male vocals, I would say this was a band I’d take away with me from this experience.

2  Boston Calling:  Fall 2014 Summary

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

This past Friday (9/19) Boston Calling announced their presale $110 for a three day pass, which has already been sold out.  This only means one thing…we’ll be hearing their Memorial Day artist announcement in due time.  This also means that the running of artists I’d like to see perform will begin in the back of my head, and as in the past, more than half of them will be on the list.

Check out some amazing photos from the festival brought to you by: Kate Lock.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM ALL! Featuring some of our favorite artists here at killing the cabinet including twenty one pilots, Spoon (P.S. that’s Britt in the featured image), Lake Street Dive and The 1975!

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ØV the Kid: And Now We Know. Tue, 23 Sep 2014 16:00:38 +0000 Aurora olivver1 1024x751 ØV the Kid: And Now We Know.

By Maggie Brawley

It was about twenty minutes after nine, and I officially began to get antsy standing amongst a crowd of some very youthful faces. Olivver, aka The Kid, whose band was teasing us from behind closed curtains, was opening for Lovelife at The Roxy on Sunset. It’s always the best catching newer acts that you know are going to be big, except this wasn’t exactly ØV’s first go around. Olivver, fka as Bryan Sammis, I discovered is the former drummer of the mega popular band, The Neighbourhood (hence the teens). I initially stumbled upon his solo work while Lovelife was co-hosting ALT 98.7 on a Sunday, and they were introducing their friend and collaborator’s song, “Lucy (Hurt People Hurt People).” I freaked out when I heard it and that’s pretty much what I did when The Kid hit the stage playing it as the night’s opener.

All of his music is eclectic and of a natural pace. There’s no rush here, but it’s still cohesive and has solid momentum. The songs are dope, and the production translates well to the stage. The genre is somewhat ambiguous (which I dig), but the music still serves, so whatever. There’s some melodic R&B elements, electronic elements, and some serious sensuality taking place. He performed “Attica ‘71,” one of my favorites, and his band killed it. He knows what he’s doing and he’s got the swag to pull it off; ØV is a thinker and he’s crafty. There’s all kinds of conceptual blueprints happening, whether in his videos or Now You Know t-shirts; needless to say, there’s substance behind the product. It’s original and clever, and I like it.

One may have assumed that it was Bryan’s decision to detour away from The NBHD with desires of doing his own solo thing, but the night of the show indicated otherwise. It’s never quite that simple after all. There was no bitterness in tact, nor arrogance, instead he has a quiet confidence that seems to be simply moving on with life. That’s not to say it was an easy process. He closed the show with a candid sentiment just before playing his song, “Not Going Home.” Bryan opened up about the pain associated with change following the highs of success, and the crisis of identity experienced at the end of a profound life chapter. His last words summed up his decision after leaving his band to either ‘go home… and kill myself,’ he abruptly stated, or to go and keep making music. It was quick, but clearly not lacking in extremity; it felt necessary. It certainly hit home for me. It’s emblematic of a cultural myth of success while poignantly reminding that it is indeed fleeting. However, the phoenix will rise again, because if there was anything the night told us or for us to know, it is… The Kid has heart and he’s following it. So, Olivver’s star is rising, because he and his music are actually really good.

So yes… now we definitely know.

Big ups to Travis Keaster for the photos! @keast_infection

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Lovelife at the Roxy 9/18 Mon, 22 Sep 2014 17:30:39 +0000 Aurora lovelife1 682x1024 Lovelife at the Roxy 9/18

By Mojo

Lovelife sold out The Roxy on Sunset this past Thursday night. It was a crowd of mostly teens and the industry. Even if their name doesn’t ring a bell, if you’re a listener of ALT 98.7, then you’ve probably heard their song, “Your New Beloved” without knowing. But it was the single, “Nova” off of their new EP, Silk Road that everyone was loving on this night. The band is spunky and uniquely colorful, and still quite a tight unit. The synthpop fed the young souls and everyone was beaming. Lovelife’s music is solid and befitting of the Los Angeles scene. It was no surprise they cashed the place out. Keep on truckin’ guys, ‘cause I think you’re going to be just fine.

lovelife 2 682x1024 Lovelife at the Roxy 9/18

lovelife 3 682x1024 Lovelife at the Roxy 9/18

Find more on Lovelife:

Photo Credit: Travis Keaster


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Up Next: The Lees of Memory Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:00:56 +0000 matt BwEI54ZCEAAiTox Up Next: The Lees of Memory

by Matthew Downes

Every year we get older and every year the responsibilities get a little bit bigger.  While the former seems to be something that’s not in my future plans the latter is heavy.  Just when I think I don’t have time for music that weight is lifted by a Wizard or in this case, a Davis.

Its been many years since I saw Superdrag in Philly at a pizza place called Nicks I think?  I was maybe 19 or 20 years old. Someone snuck me in and John Davis (lead singer, producer, guitarist for both Superdrag and TLoM) was sitting at the bar writing his setlist on torn yellow legal paper (see pic below).  You might remember them MTving hard with their single “Sucked Out”.  I remember them delivering a deep set of tracks that captured a powerful sound reflecting 30 or 40 years of rock history.

photo 1 Up Next: The Lees of Memory

20 years later he’s singing “I want you to stay right where you are, Little Fallen Star” for a new band and still sounds unbelievable.  They call themselves The Lees of Memory.

“I can’t stop the world from trying to break your heart.”

You should buy their record.

I love their music.

Everything’s a little bit lighter.


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And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Cymbals Eat Guitars’ LOSE Thu, 04 Sep 2014 16:00:40 +0000 Charissa CEG Lose 1024x1024 And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know:  Cymbals Eat Guitars LOSE

by Charissa Lock

As Why There Are Mountains was fantastical and a poetically disheveled work of genius, Lenses Alien was a realistic scripted marching forward of crawling keys and notes of perfection. LOSE is simultaneously a little bit of both and incomparable. As feelings and story lines portray reality, the underlying passion released either through D’Agostino’s wavering vocals or in a mysterious mood set by transient melodies breaches a dreamlike fantasy.  You become entrapped in an unknown world where you begin experiencing another’s moments through a seamless cyclone of instrumentation, lyrics, and passion drawn vocals.

Cymbals Eat Guitars has always been able to rip through my soul tearing at my emotions like no other band, and LOSE attacks deeper than their previous two.  Not even the pop’ier beats on most tracks can masquerade the spoken pain and uncertainty that covers the album theme.  In a recent interview with Wondering Sound, frontman D’Agostino shares the background of LOSE, allowing you to make sense of your soul swelling, eyes brimming, and fingertips tingling.

Speaking of that rock pop sound, there happens to be quite a few choruses on here. Not that it bothered me before that songs just went forth in a continuous transition traveling their own journey.  However, it has been fun being able to learn a chorus melody. The rocking-out-at-a-bar-knocking-back-Guinness’ track “XR” threw me for a moment, as is was not something from them I’d expect (namely, harmonica), but seconds later I was foot tapping and enjoying myself quite nicely with it easily enveloping CEG flavor.  Likewise “Lifenet” hits you with some Motown flavor, so that if you sped it up, threw in some trumpets alongside identical suits and choreography you’d basically be in Detroit circa 1965.  Of course, keeping in mind, the intensity in vocals indicates this song being a bit more involved.  Their glide into “ooh’s” and “ahh’s,” with a Jack’s Mannequin’esque track (“Chambers”) is welcoming to new listeners without dropping their over 5 minute pulsing guitar solos and is only 24 seconds shy of tying their longest song [“Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)” still holds the record] on “Laramie.”

You not only can look forward to big smashing moments where your fingertips are bleeding while wielding an air guitar, there’s also these great moments of pause that stimulate your senses at just the right moment.  There sometimes isn’t even a huge moment that follows, yet the welcoming of this break is a second for recovery or in gathering oneself to complete the song.

There are some flashbacks on LOSE from previous works, such as the alien-esque and unforgettable guitar effect on “Rifle Eyesight (Proper Name)” at the 6:15 mark making an appearance in “2 Hip Soul” at 4:24.  Just sprinkling on a tinge of excitement knowing a kickass jam session is about to leave you sore-necked and exhausted with a satisfactory smile spread on your face.  And this newest bridge may even take the win.  There are other moments where you hear familiar transitions or melody segments, and you just grin and thank CEG for not stripping itself of the grungy/punk/rock (not to be confused with grungy punk rock) they’re known for.

Screen Shot 2014 09 02 at 7.44.00 PM1 And If You Don’t Know, Now You Know:  Cymbals Eat Guitars LOSE


Favorite track has to be “Child Bride,” with a melody incredibly intoxicating, seducing you with a piano version a few times before revealing the vocal melody to go along.  Therefore, on every listen you’re anxiously enjoying each verse – instrumental chorus – verse pattern waiting for the 2:20, but not wanting to rush anything.  It also feels like a quiet conversation with most instrumentation stripped away, which is a rare event.   Of course the entire album is unbelievably mesmerizing, emotionally difficult in some moments (or even all moments if you let it take over you), and chock full of gritty and elegant melodies stretching your awareness of a flawless blending of numerous instrumentation and effects.

Check out their tour dates after investing in their tuneage, or vice versa.

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Up Next: The Enigmatic Pop Princess VERITE Mon, 04 Aug 2014 16:00:09 +0000 Charissa  verite Up Next: The Enigmatic Pop Princess VERITE

 By Charissa Lock

Floating in the hazy topsoil of streaming music sites (such as Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.) appears the mysterious New Yorker.  VERITE‘s single “Strange Enough” takes you off guard with her classically smooth and passionate vocals that mosey around a catchy chorus, with the real treat found in the verses.  Written, drummed, produced, and programmed by Elliot Jacobson, there’s a strong sense of professionalism in the foundation of this one, which has provided VERITE with a respectable introduction to the world.  ”Strange Enough” can easily fall into the niche of blasting through your speakers on a hot summer night with the windows down allowing warm air to whip through your hair.  A perfect sing along with a retrospective look at relationships allowing to connect easy with your emotions, this is one I kept my eye on and began my search for more.

2 Up Next: The Enigmatic Pop Princess VERITE

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

After struggling to come up with anything besides what I gave you in the first sentence of this post (I saved you the trouble, you’re welcome), my intrigue had inflated into a determination to keep my eyes and ears open for when she would surface.  It seems that she did have a single in the relative past, but its been removed from all facets and is unreachable.  So now that I always have VERITE in the back of my mind, I have come to realize the sparkle of genius in this press mechanism.  When I find out more, I’ll be sure to let you know because after checking out “Strange Enough” you’ll be hooked.


For another spin of “Strange Enough,” check out EPISODE’s recent remix.




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Say Anything – House of Blues, Boston 6.29 Fri, 01 Aug 2014 14:40:33 +0000 Charissa DSC 0288 10 2 1024x685 Say Anything – House of Blues, Boston 6.29

By Charissa Lock

Photo taken by Kate Lock at her “own risk” as crowd surfers poured behind the barricade.

As assumed, the band flooded the stage following a minute or two of celebratory music you would hear at a Bah Mitzvah.  The assumption lies in the most recent album title, Hebrews, broadcasting both a specific and general perception of the “Jewish” ethnicity (in a very Max Bemis-y way).  While some eager audience members were dancing around, others were perplexed by the possibility Bemis had gone all ethnic on them.  Then there were a select few of us whose hearts sank as unknown band members were picking up guitars and striking keyboard keys.  Yeah, we all know that Alex Kent had left awhile ago, we’ve already been through the experience of not seeing Coby Linder rocking out on the drums, and the uncertainty of Adam Siska. Yet, the absence of the twins (Jeff and Jake Turner) and Parker Case was quite a sting.  Though Max rarely gave you the chance to feel sorrow, since of their 200+ songs the “next one” was always a pleasant surprise and needed my full attention.  Yet, at certain pauses, or when my voice required a break, I became very snotty towards these new fellows who I’m sure are great guys.  However, my allegiance towards Say Anything consisting of at least some familiar faces besides Max gripped me and only with the appearance of Lucy Jean, was I able to accept change.

Going back and forth between all five albums, leaving out their Rarities, they were able to throw in about three or four from each.   Never having played “Surgically Removing the Tracking Device” (In Defense of the Genre) before, this was a fresh one to hear live with the presence of Fred Mascherino (former lead guitarist for Taking Back Sunday) who was rocking on the guitar the entire show.  Bemis was jumping and partaking in his typical emotion-induced body movements as always and was beyond ecstatic to hear the crowd singing along with the new ones.  His conversing with the audience remained as humble, fluid, and realistic as usual, causing you to chuckle and think…this guy is wicked rad (note, House of Blues Boston).  Besides belting it out and offering the gang portion of the gang vocals, one of the best parts of the show was when wife Sherri came out to sing her parts of “Cemetery” holding their headphones-adorned daughter Lucy.  Now if you follow either Max or Sherri on any social media outlet, you are fully aware of Lucy’s cuteness and though your parents are great…you kind of wish you had parents as cool as Max and Sherri.  Either way, she’s adorable and while Sherri was waiting for her time to sing, Lucy was drumming away on the microphone.  When the song finished, and the audience was losing their minds, the Bemis family made a thirty second private circle.  Having been a Say Anything fan for many years, it was just extraordinary to witness the positivity and beauty Max’s life became where five years ago, he had quite a few things working against him to ever continue creating music, never mind starting this precious family.  As the two exited the stage, Max responds to the crowds screams with, “Have we killed you with cuteness?” inducing female high pitched reactions everywhere.

Sweat soaking through jeans is a very disgusting feeling, yet as physically uncomfortable I felt my adrenaline was still heightened as we were walking past Fenway Park on our way to the car.  Never disappointing, only rewarding in every sense remains my reaction to every Say Anything show I’ve ever been to.  Biased, absolutely, but only to the degree that I know every song sung.  My skepticism remains if Max were sitting, didn’t give his 110% or, besides being the wrong people, the band sucked.  I’m not telling you to learn all 200+ songs to have a good experience, just learn a few of the popular ones.  The energy and intensity surrounding you and thrown at you will suffice for the ones you don’t know.

Check out the rest of their tour dates to see if they’re playing near you and pick up the album here.

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Boston Calling: Sunday Review Thu, 31 Jul 2014 14:13:35 +0000 matt Boston Sunday 5 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

by Charissa Lock

Here is our review of the entire festival.  You can find pictures from Sunday here.



Boston Sunday 1 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 3 1024x685 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 4 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Tegan and Sara

Boston Sunday 6 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 7 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 8 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 9 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review


Boston Sunday 10 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 11 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 12 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review


Boston Sunday 14 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review


Brand New

Boston Sunday 15 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 16 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 17 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 18 1024x685 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

Boston Sunday 19 685x1024 Boston Calling: Sunday Review

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