killingthecabinet Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:53:44 +0000 en hourly 1 Boston Calling Soft Preview: Saturday (5.24) Wed, 23 Apr 2014 01:53:44 +0000 Charissa Last Memorial Day Weekend, I knew exactly what I would be doing months in advance.  No cook outs for this girl, I was headed to Boston’s first music festival.  Amongst the significantly below average temperatures and pouring rain, my plans were never deterred, for the line-up consisted of bands I was not going to miss.  Some of which I had seen before (fun., Young the Giant, Of Monsters and Men) and others I had on my must see list (MSMR, Matt & Kim, Youth Lagoon).  In fact, there were so many artists I planned on watching, anxiety rushed through my veins as I realized you had to pick and choose, since going back and forth between stages was close to impossible as crowds had stationed their grounds for some time.

This Memorial Day Weekend, I also know what I’ll be doing.  Returning to Boston City Hall Plaza to sing, dance, and re-energize my soul along with the throngs of other music buffs.  Yet, this year it will be a bit different.  The headliners are quite satisfactory; Jack Johnson (Friday),   Death Cab for Cutie (Saturday) and Modest Mouse (Sunday) and those directly preceding; Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes (Friday), The Decembrists (Saturday, eh), and last but certainly not least by any means imaginable…Brand New (Sunday).  Yet, it’s those that will be playing throughout the morning and afternoon Saturday and Sunday that I pretty much have never heard of.  Last year, it was in those bands I was most excited to see for we had covered about three quarters of them on our here before even knowing they’d be on the list.

Some research on these 2014 baby bands (including those who seemed to have slipped through my fingers) is absolutely required.  I will also have the opportunity to be introduced to something magical that I had not been expecting, and that is one of the greatest parts of seeing live music.

So far my research has locked me onto Ontario five-piece band Walk off the Earth.  A blissful blend of OAR meets The Mowglis, I’m enjoying my first listen of their 2013 release R.E.V.O.  A multitude of instrumentals storm through each track and the upbeat care-free nature poses for a pleasant reaction.   You know how sometimes you hear cheery tracks and then after watching a lackluster video you feel spited?  No worries here, this bunch brings a heavy good feeling vibe for sure as seen in their “Summer Vibe” video.  Don’t even try refusing the automatic transportation to an imaginary beach.  Walk off the Earth seem to be knee deep in a North American/European tour this spring, making the crucial stop in Boston.

After participating in the essential SXSW experience, the next band, which evidently is from my neck of the woods, has a killer single that rings on the fresh and unique sound we all long to hear.  Magic Man’s ”Paris” feels like something you would hear from a band three years in the post initial EP  stage (as a settled five-piece grouping that is).  Yet, this Bostonian quartet delivers the professionalism and knack for completeness in their first EP as a whole, invoking the pop-ish sound you hear on You Are Here.  Their internet broadcasted Real Life Color that Alex Caplow and Sam Vanderhoop Lee created three years prior (2010) is that obscure basement synth pop, that I personally find intoxicating.  However, branching out and adding members, they have become a majestic synth pop band gearing up for Boston Calling among other shows throughout the Americas into the Summer opening for Panic! At The Disco.

Charming Jenny Lewis is the final artist that has gotten my attention on the earlier side of Saturday.  You may have heard “Completely Not Me,” her most recent endeavor with Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend) for the HBO Girls premiere in early January.  More on the experimental side than her previous ballads on 2008’s Acid Tongue, I’m intrigued to hear where she’ll go with her music on her upcoming 2014 release that should be hitting our ears at some point this year.  Memorial Day Weekend will suffice for my anticipation and I’ll make sure to let you know where music has taken Ms. Lewis.

Sunday is sure to be filled with similar artists housing interesting backgrounds , catchy tunes, and anticipated releases.  That research will begin shortly…

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Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4-11-2014 Mon, 21 Apr 2014 16:00:26 +0000 matt CS 3 679x1024 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

by Matthew Downes with photos by Chase McCurdy (learn more about Chase here)

26 year old Charlotte Sometimes stormed into the secondary localchella scene at Room 5 for her EP release show this past Friday April 11th.  She’s got a little bit of buzz behind her with love from MTV and Idolator.  Most notably her appearance on The Voice is what broke her anonymity.  It’ll be interesting to see where she goes from here, so make sure to follow her on her website, Facebook and twitter.  Check out our pictures from this LA performance below.

CS 1 682x1024 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 2 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 4 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 5 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 6 682x1024 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 7 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 8 677x1024 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 9 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

CS 10 1024x682 Charlotte Sometimes at Room 5 4 11 2014

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Ghost Beach, Fete Ballroom, Providence (4.11.14) Fri, 18 Apr 2014 16:00:59 +0000 Charissa  Ghost Beach, Fete Ballroom, Providence (4.11.14)

by Charissa Lock

After having seen New Yorkers, Ghost Beach headlining in their hometown of Brooklyn at the popular bowling alley, I was prepared that their Providence show opening for a couple of bands I hadn’t heard of was not going to be as wild.  Not really expecting their energy to be up there, but knowing their live sound was sincere and comparable to recorded sound, I was absolutely looking forward to the event.

Ghost Beach’s energy and stage presence blew the acts to follow out of the water. I enjoy feeling like everyone is hanging out and having a good time, including the artist on stage.  To me, it’s supposed to feel like you’re in it together, rather than being sung to.  The headliner, The Sounds, put on an awkward performance for those in the audience ignorant of their style.  Maja Ivarsson was so into her performance that it made me, never having heard of them before, feel uncomfortable as she was spazzing out and giving “I’m a rock star” squishy lip faces to the crowd.  It’s definitely her thing, and that’s fine for those who love the band, but I’ll pass.

The room hadn’t filled up yet, but Josh Ocean, Eric Mendelsohn, and their drummer didn’t let this put a damper on their polished sound and extensions on some songs.  They displayed the same amount of energy and conversing with the audience I recalled from seeing them a little less than a year ago.  Yet, of course this felt more personal and as it does in some circumstances, it didn’t feel awkward at all.  Ocean kept pumping up the audience, wanting us to have as much fun as they appeared to be having.  And this worked.  People became more relaxed, danced a little more, and by the last couple of songs were enjoying all the wonder Ghost Beach has to offer.  I don’t think anyone wanted them to end, except maybe the gentleman in the patch-covered studded leather vest.

2 Ghost Beach, Fete Ballroom, Providence (4.11.14)

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

The chosen tracks that were enthusiastically unraveled were great picks.  My shock came when “On My Side” started up and instantly I went into “don’t-ever-forget-this-moment” mode and I let lose, as much as I could being one of the only singing in the room… Their set was too short for my liking, but that’s what happens when you see a stellar band open for not as stellar headliners. These fellows offer an explosive time through their delightful upbeat, reggae electro pop sound tossed with Ocean’s similarly upbeat and pleasant personality.

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The Process of Selection Tue, 08 Apr 2014 16:00:00 +0000 Charissa confusion The Process of Selection

By Charissa Lock

What do you listen to when you’re not sure how you feel?  Where do your frustrated fingers scroll through your alphabetized library?  Towards the first half of the alphabet, or down past the P’s?  Maybe you have a certain music destination that is always waiting for you for those moments of uncertainty or a playlist perhaps designed for your present condition.

The next stage that follows is what you want your reaction to be when you can’t really make sense of whether you should feel relief and peace or overcome by a barrage of more questions than having answers for. Screaming out to The Used or rapping Lil’ Wayne’s heaviest of gangster squalls may be just the right amount of outpouring since you’re pretty much unsure of everything swirling around your brain anyways.  Will this solve the problem?  Or make you feel better afterwards?

Or you may also want to have notes and melodies try to solve and figure out your feelings for you.  We all know they can.  It’s happened before when you hear a song and realize, “yes, that’s what I need to do in my life,” or “that’s the exact decision I need to make.”  It’s pretty empowering to the song you’re listening to, but it’s not always consistent.  Of course when you try to conduct fate’s symphony by putting all the right pieces together yourself, typically nothing much good comes out of it.

I try to match my dominant feeling and mood with my music choices when I’m in a muddle of emotional turmoil.  Yet if my mood keeps switching, this can end up with scrolling up and down my A-9’s and leaving me with an extra splash of indecision that is not very welcomed at this point.

Living life in an organized mindset, I think I need to come up with a plan.  Why not listen to something on the angrier side to cast out the negativity and roll out any unwanted irate tidbits I may or may not know were swelling up inside?  Something real mouthy, maybe a favorite Say Anything Bemis extraordinaire from …Is A Real Boy.  Step two would be throwing on a butterfly feel good epic powerhouse classic that will forevermore makes your soul melt and hairs on your arms stand up.  I’m presently thinking The Naked and Famous I Kill Giants,” or “In Rolling Waves,” you have to pick something that won’t care about your mixed emotions because it will take any “feeling” you have and throw it into oblivion for those two, three minutes.  I think at this point your mind is then ready to pick up on the truth of your heart.  You may just need to let the tears flow, Nick Drake is already on the brain before you even reach towards the music device.  The relief could also be transformed into complete happiness and all you will need is a familiar and favorite album of all time or a newer electro pop tuneage that sparks ear-to-ear grinning.

Clean your slate before getting to the brunt of the confusion.  Remove the angry and get in a vulnerable state before you can pinpoint what you need the music to do for you.  And it will.  That’s the beauty of human nature; we transfer energy in everything we do.  The process of good music will always result in a connection with someone at some point in their lives and can be re-used at any time, for it is always welcomed and forever appreciated.

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Riveting in All Things Rock: Manchester Orchestra’s Cope Thu, 03 Apr 2014 16:00:00 +0000 Charissa Manchester Orchestra Cope Riveting in All Things Rock:  Manchester Orchestra’s Cope

by Charissa Lock

Single “Top Notch” easily sums up the characteristic of the fourth album.  Constructed by one of the only alt rock bands out there blessing our ears with modernized silky and distorted guitars, Manchester Orchestra has taken a different approach than previous release Simple Math, ceasing the tightrope balancing of genres and deciding to plug in to their harder and messier sound.  Yet, the production is so well executed you hear every note change.  Three seconds in and salivation ensues.

It’s not just about those zippy and grainy solos though, Manchester has chosen to shorten the distance the solos generally travel, which to them is an evolution change, but to fans may be disappointing.  Right when it all gets out of control, they leave you hanging at this almost unreachable level of intensity. In some aspects they have the right idea, not prolonging moments that are already doing their job.  Of course, to rock enthusiasts we never want that moment to end.  In lieu of conciseness, nothing else seems to be shortchangedAndy Hull never ceases to leave you in a boring moment within his stories and melodies, which are so catchy and emotionally ravishing, you quickly realize Cope [Loma Vista Recordings, Favorite Gentlemen] (Out Now! GET IT HERE!) is a grown up Means Everything To Nothing.

Having that weighty rock sound does cast a shadow over the entire album, so that the first one or two listens everything just tends to roll through without sparking specified significance.  But please don’t let this be your deciding factor, roll this through one more time and you’ll be able to separate and get cozy with these juicy tracks.  Once you start catching on to the individual melodies of each song, you absolutely will fall head over heels, fighting over what you favorite song may be…belting out with Hull during the multiple opportunities he allows…picking up on the pauses, drum rolls, guitar solos.  Cope is an under 40 minute chance to be completely consumed by articulately composed and emotionally uncontained head thrashing rock.  Of course I’m not comparing this to anything close to hardcore rock, since Manchester tends to follow a mainstream-like pattern in their construction and Hull’s vocals always brings us to a lighter side before letting his feelings overrule the chorus or transitions.

2 Riveting in All Things Rock:  Manchester Orchestra’s Cope

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

The guitar-work is so sexy, whether a filthy raw kind (“Trees”) or silky and smooth (“All I Really Wanted”).  Bringing things back to the sound we’re accustomed to from them, they’re able to fine tune and implement texture to catchy hooks and tasteful melodies.  Top tracks on this album are tricky, for there’s such rich and thick movement throughout you wind up obsessing over the entirety.   If I had to choose one that has slid into my soul at first listen and I find radiant from start to finish, it would be “The Ocean.”  Unlike Pitchfork, a recurring name of a rock track doesn’t persuade my love or hate towards a song (unless you’re Marina and The Diamonds – I won’t ever be able to take “Bubblegum Bitch” seriously).  The verses are typical Manchester with their assumed and never dissatisfied build-up, followed by a perfectly casted chorus, throwing your head back with tingling spreading throughout your body as you’re sucked into every ounce of Hull’s emotions.

Screen Shot 2014 04 02 at 1.19.14 PM Riveting in All Things Rock:  Manchester Orchestra’s Cope

Take a deep breath in, and slowly exhale the fiery brilliance Manchester Orchestra has to offer in their latest album.  A must listen for 2014,  and a must see as they’re already underway their spring US tour.

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ReEmergence: STS9 Announces Alana Rocklin As New Bassist Wed, 02 Apr 2014 16:00:14 +0000 Aurora alana ReEmergence: STS9 Announces Alana Rocklin As New Bassist

By Aurora Cowen

I was just a young little tribe head when I first found Sub ID opening for my favorite band in Atlanta at the Tabernacle on night 2 of a three night New Years run. They were a unique up and coming electronic/live bass duo (Brad Bowden and Alana Rocklin) that became a consistent fixture on the stages I frequented so often and their sound was unmatched by any other prominent STS9 opening act. Rocklin’s clean and punctual, groovy bass lines on top of  Bowden’s edgy, glitch infused beats and samples were contagious. Often times, my then boyfriend and I would be some of the only one’s raging right in front of the stage as we would be sure to arrive early enough to not only witness, but also be a part of the Sub ID experience. They became an integral part of those  Sector 9 shows.

With time, Sub ID parted ways to pursue other opportunities. For Alana, that included touring with Jim James, backing signer songwriter, Ben Sollee and performing and recording with the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. On STS9′s last ATL New Years run, Alana joined the band, dual bassing with Murphy on multiple tracks. Could this have been a sign of the change to come? In January, STS9 announced (as we know) that they would be parting was with forever bassist David Murphy, a devastating shock to long time Tribe fans like myself. When secret news of the potential new bassist reached me this month, I felt such a relief in knowing that I would be able to fully appreciate and embrace the change with Alana taking over. It just makes sense, her talent extends far beyond the bass; she’s also proficient at the electric, upright and midi bass and she’s an experienced veteran in the STS9 scene.

Their debut show went down this weekend at the McDowell Mountain Music Festival in Phoenix and the set was nothing less than amazing (listen here). Opening with a new track “New Dawn New Day,” the transition couldn’t have been smoother or more on point. I do believe the perfect choice was made. Welcome to the family, Alana!

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Up Next: Broods Tue, 01 Apr 2014 16:00:34 +0000 matt Screen Shot 2014 03 31 at 12.44.26 PM Up Next: Broods

by Matthew Downes

Gold Fields, Strange Talk and now lets welcome in Broods.  Yes, we love Australian music.  Of all the countries that surprise us, they seem to be the most consistent at delivering beat driven electro pop songs and we love them for it. Broods is a brother sister duo, Caleb and Georgia Nott, out of Auckland who just showcased in LA a few weeks back.  Ironically and incredibly they’re headlining the Echo with Strange Talk on May 14th (Advance tickets are sold out but you’ll be able to get in if you line up early. Learn more info about that here.)  We’ve had them towards the top of our playlist (see the Spotify playlist at the top of the page?) for around a month and are very much looking forward to their first public headlining show.

Check out “Bridges” and thank us later here.

2 Up Next: Broods

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Learn more about Broods here:


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The 5 Best Videos of Last Week Mon, 31 Mar 2014 16:00:00 +0000 Aurora cash The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Johnny Cash “Out Among The Stars” featuring Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty and Local Natives
Here are three great renditions of  Johnny Cash songs by current artists we love and a really cool video of them performing in different locations. It’s been really great having two Johnny Cash videos this past month.

2 The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Kelis “Rumble”
Nas’ ex is coming back with her album Food, (out now). I love the juxtaposition of a simple, cute and funny little video for a song with lyrics that pierce the heart.

2 The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Atmosphere “Bob Seger”
A couple weeks old but so worth the wait. This is supposedly the real story of Paul Bunyan, not an ode to the legendary rock singer. Either way, it’s a magnificently well played short film with a revengeful ending. I think it’s great, as is the tune. Atmosphere keeps it real again with his hefty yet casual lyrical style.

2 The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Garden City Movement “Move On”
NSFW: this video is beautiful and so so sad. The song, which comes from the EP Entertainment [BLDG5], is equally enveloping with it’s peaceful, melodic downtempo vibe.

2 The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

Lady Gaga “G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film”
I mean…I’m so confused with all the Bravo reality star cameos. But it’s wildly entertaining, therefore it makes the cut.

2 The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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killing the cabinet Music to Love from Quarter One 2014 Fri, 28 Mar 2014 16:00:27 +0000 matt Screen Shot 2014 03 24 at 2.09.41 PM killing the cabinet Music to Love from Quarter One 2014

Matt‘s Picks

1. I Break HorsesHearts (Our Review!)
2. Foster The People - Supermodel (Our Review!)
3. Band of Horses - Acoustic at the Ryman (LIVE)

Honorable Mention
Ghost BeachBlonde (Our Review!)

1. Foster The People – “The Truth”
2. I Break Horses – “Heart to Know”
3. Lykke Li – Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone”
4. Big Data- “Dangerous feat. Joywave
5. Angel Olsen – “Windows”
6. M83 – “I Need You
7. Young The Giant – “Crystallized”
8. Bleachers – “I Wanna Get Better
9. Manchester Orchestra - “Top Notch
10. White Sea – “Prague

Honorable Mention:
Porter Robinson – “Sea of Voices”

Aurora‘s Picks

1. Gramatik The Age of Reason
2. Beck Morning Phase
3. Tycho Awake

Honorable Mention
 No Mythologies To Follow
Phantogram Voices
311 Stereolythic (Our review!)

1. Damon AlbarnLonely Press Play
2. BANKS Brain
3. Beck “Say Goodbye”
4. Phantogram Fall in Love
5. Tycho “Awake”
6. Tycho “Montana”
7. Gramatik featuring Eskobar “Brave Men”
8. Damon Albarn Everyday Robots
9. Big Data “Dangerous”
10. Manchester Orchestra “Top Notch”
11. Beck “Unforgiven”

Charissa‘s Picks

1. Ghost Beach Blonde 
2. Foster The People  Supermodel
3.  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  Produce Vol. 1 (Our review!)

Honorable Mentions
Painted PalmsForever
311 – Stereolithic

Songs (in no particular order!)
1. Big Data ”Dangerous feat. Joywave”
2. 311  “Revelation of the Year”
3. Vinyl Thief  “Slow Down
4. Ghost Beach  “On My Side”
5. Ghost Beach  “Faded”
6. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  “Hands Across The Water (feat. SelfSays)
7. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – “Against the Law (feat. Tunde Olaniran)
8. Bleachers – “I Wanna Get Better
9. CEO – “Whorehouse
10. Painted Palms – “Not Really There”

Honorable Mention
Phantogram – “Fall in Love”

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Delivering Nothing Less Than a Chill, Grainy Rock Album: 311’s Stereolithic Thu, 27 Mar 2014 16:00:45 +0000 Charissa 311 STEREOLITHIC1 1024x1024 Delivering Nothing Less Than a Chill, Grainy Rock Album:  311’s Stereolithic

By Charissa Lock

Three years after Universal Pulse, our favorite reggae rock group independently released 15 tracks, which is more than enough to satisfy our 311 needs for the time being.  Besides a few keyboard add-ins and a sprinkling of autotuning, they very much stay true to their rocker dipped rapping slathered with reggae sound.  Entirely impressed with their ability to create fifteen completely different tracks cultivated in the same three factor foundation, I praise these lads for sticking true to their style.

Guitar solos are classy and quite sexy as tends to be a common 311 feature, handful of drum solos are scattered about heaving their heavier side, while vocal melodies tend to stay perky and catchy though sometimes feel blurred within the fifteen song line up.   Yet, if you’re accustomed and favorable to Hexum, you know what you’re in for…he certainly inspires a relaxed air guitar.  Throughout tracks there are these exceptional melodies highlighting your 3 minutes of vocal ear perking.  Right when you’re glowing, transitions take stride and you’re cast into another moment.  Everything seems to slide right along, in an assembly line of professional instrumentation often invoking giant smiles and head bobbing, sometimes resulting in amazement, and other times just flowing along to the next one.

You want Stereolithic playing every Friday afternoon (….not to be confused with the track by the same description) to release all stresses, warp you into a meditative state and let all cares rise into the atmosphere.  Even with P-Nut’s(bassist, Aaron Wells) “darker themes” stamp on the album, you remain placing another 311 album into the uplifting category.  All feelings delivered back into the universe by the listener are of good tidings and to live and let live.

The ability to produce catchy songs seems to falter at times as the push for more intricate instrumentation takes precedence.  With the focus on the composition in a three to four minute block, often you lose room for the glossy bubblegum melodies.  The independent release allowed them creative freedom, and whether or not they wanted it, broke up their welcoming song structure in some instances (…remembering “Don’t Dwell” and other Evolver favorites).  However, it results in thicker, more impressive directions and some may appreciate this angle of 311.

Screen Shot 2014 03 27 at 12.36.32 AM Delivering Nothing Less Than a Chill, Grainy Rock Album:  311’s Stereolithic

With so many tracks, it’s tricky to attach myself to a specific song that clicks with an initial connection besides one of the first ones.  Intro track “Ebb and Flow” goes through a few transitions, though all work effortlessly with one another and qualify as a classic 311 favorite.  Then you have “Revelation of the Year,” with the sickest instrumental intro of the year, hands down.  So sexy the guitar blurbs along and to your gracious surprise, another appears sliding the melody along smoothly.  This pattern is presented throughout and with a hands in the air sing along chorus you can’t ask for more.  And of course both, “Friday Afternoon” and “Tranquility” have everything you would expect from 311 and then some, launching you into a different realm.   A few more listens and I’ll probably have a different list, but like I said, with fifteen complex tracks you need your time with each one (even if they are less than four and a half minutes).

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Up Next: Strange Talk Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:00:26 +0000 matt 1546377 645289752172954 214910334 n Up Next: Strange Talk

by Matthew Downes

It seems like every year Aussie imports land right next to our ears. 2013 was the year of Gold Fields and this year is kicking off with Melbourne’s Strange Talk.  Their tune “Climbing Walls” is a strong track, having been featured on ktc for awhile, and they seem to be buzzing around this U.S. opener slot with the The Sounds.  Their LP Cast Away [Wind-Up Records] (Out April 29th!) can be pre-0rdered here!

Soon they’ll be back in Los Angeles with another down-under-import we love called Broods at the Echo on Wednesday May 14th.  We’re anxious to get out to this one.

Check out their first single off of Cast Away titled “Young Hearts” and then go visit their respective pages to learn more…

2 Up Next: Strange Talk

Click here to view the video on YouTube.


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Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014 Tue, 25 Mar 2014 16:00:14 +0000 matt INVSN 7 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

by Matthew Downes  Photos by Colin Rieser of Blue Kite Cinema

A spattering of LAers, Swedes and industry people filled the Troubadour comfortably this past Thursday night.  Dear Boy was the biggest surprise of the night delivering a huge trackless sound for a four-piece.  They honored, headliner, INVSN politely and nailed every track on their formidable 2013 self-titled debut (its excellent, go get it!).

INVSN came out with little fanfare and immediately controlled the room.  Obviously Dennis is as experienced as it gets at being a front-man.  They sounded great and laid it all out as if they were in an arena show.  I was a decade late to the Refused party and having spent some time with a band in Vänersborg, I feel like I’ve come full circle learning about how important their musical story is. Looking forward to INVSN’s return to LA to a bigger room with full radio support behind them.  We wish the Swedish six-some the best of luck!

Dear Boy

INVSN 1 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 2 682x1024 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 3 682x1024 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 4 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 5 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN feat. Dennis Lyxzén of Refused and members of International Noise Conspiracy

INVSN 6 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 8 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 9 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 10 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 11 682x1024 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 12 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 13 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 14 682x1024 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 15 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

INVSN 16 1024x682 Concert Review: INVSN with Dear Boy at the Troubadour Thursday March 20th, 2014

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