3 Must See Band at Jubilee

In a sea of semi-familar and unknown bands, there are a few that undoubtedly stand out as the must see’s of the weekend.  At the Jubilee Music and Arts Festival this weekend in downtown LA, there are three that drew me to the event in first place, and a few more that caught my attention along the way.

KittenMy serious musical crush, the one and only Kitten, will be performing on Friday night at 10pm on the Myra Stage.  We’ve featured the young, dream pop, shoegazer rock band multiple times on our blog already, including an Up Next, a concert review and an interview with frontwoman, Chloe Chaidez.  This will be the highlight of my Friday (and anyone else in attendance for that matter) unless another enigmatic performing artist completely takes me off guard, in which case, you will for sure hear about it.

“Cut It Out”


Beat Club – “Globetrotters” initially caught my attention and delighted my earholes to the max.  Thus began my new love: Beat Club.  The retro, funk pop trio will be playing on the Sunset Stage at 3:45 on Saturday.  I’ll be in the front.


Here’s the new video for the single “Relax,” released just this past Tuesday.


The DrumsI’ve just started getting into the beach pop-rock group from Brooklyn and, the more I watch and listen, the more I want to…watch and listen.  Their unique, late 70’s early 80’s rock sound, reminiscent of bands like The Cure and especially Joy Division, is intriguing.  Great songs, captivating stage presence and an overall cool vibe that will be perfect for the downtown LA scene on a Saturday night (they play at 10:30 on the Sunset Stage), The Drums are not to be missed and I won’t.

“Days” official video


And a live one..



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