50,000,000 Albums Sold Worldwide


Linkin Parks’ Mike Shinoda went to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  It was a very competitive art and design program.  Each day he and his classmates would rate each others “designs”.  Day after day he would be be a critic for his classmates and they would reciprocate.  He got very good at graphic design.  He graduated a four-year program in three years and got a job in graphic design right out of college.  He got good by not repeating the same mistakes twice.  

His band does the same thing.

Every single Monday they convene to discuss and/or listen to each others production/songwriting contributions.  They criticize each other.  This is why he said it takes so long to finish albums because they collectively want great songs that they are all proud of.  He and his band can take criticism and spin it into a positive.  This type of dedication is why they are so successful.

Linkin Park has sold 50,000,000 albums worldwide and has won two Grammys.


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