A Deliriously Intoxicating Start to 2015: Mountain Opera’s Chairlift Ghosts EP

By Charissa Lock

During my typical Hypem adventures, I’ll just go ahead and “heart” the things I find pleasing while I’m prepping at work.  Sometimes I’m so involved in lesson planning that I’m more tuned out to the notes sweeping through my otherwise quiet classroom than tuned in.  Then it hits you.  You aren’t ever prepared and you can never truly recall at what moment your ears locked on to something so juicy, yet a complete shift takes place ushering the background noise to the only idea you’re focusing on.

A picking guitar melody that is so simplistically imprinted in the foundation of “Mountain Chapel” and equally a mysterious flirtation to the newly acquainted listener.  And as the dusting of another melody introduces itself from faraway you find yourself entranced.  With the slightest hint of musical theater masked by something questionably sinister, the vocals ignite the song movement.  Although that easy to ingest guitar melody remains a constant without an addition of a large instrumental moment, monotony is not present.  Strange (especially for me), I know.  However, the pulsating of emotions fume resulting in a heightening of vocals, and it is here where the song’s intensity takes place.  Following this peak of passion, a slow breaking away of instrumentation leads you towards the song’s finality, but not before a Cymbals Eat Guitar’esque guitar distortion.  Before moving on to the second and final track on the EP, you must listen again, and most likely again, turned up all the way, headphones on, and maybe one more time.

The title track “Chairlift Ghosts” leaves you with a little more room to breathe, which is nice after having listened to the previous song about seven times in a row.  Inclusion of a multi instrumental melody allows you to see the talent of these chaps not only lies in their songwriting but their ability to manipulate sound as well.   Realizing in “Chairlift Ghosts” the smidge of Talking Heads intonation in vocals, you feel a little 80’s vibe coming through.  Continuing with echoes of other artists, the guitar melodies have that smooth and playful Bombay Bicycle Club sound.


These lads from Minnesota seemed to be spun from a web of inquisitive lyrical genius and respect for the brilliant nature of simplicity.  Within these walls you bathe in that aroma you cannot quite put your finger on, but lord knows they have it.  Their finished product has me on the floor, simultaneously gasping for more while indulging in what already is suffocating my soul.

Download Chairlift Ghosts for free on Bandcamp and be sure to stay updated with news and such things through Twitter and Facebook.

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