…and If You’re Not At Coachella

Don’t feel glum that you’re not enjoying the beautiful sunshine and amazing plethora of delicious musicians, for there are other things out there.

With the upcoming release of the sci-fi Cruise flick Oblivion, why not prep yourself with the soundtrack (released April 9th) written and composed by M83‘s Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese?  With scores suspenseful, spine-chilling, and huge – your Friday evening will surely welcome any plans you have for the adventurous night.


Iron & Wine‘s new album Ghost on Ghost will be released April 15th and what better way to enjoy your Saturday morning than with listening to their full album stream on NPR while sipping a steamy coffee in your pjs (as opposed to waking up awkwardly next to dreads attached to a stranger).


If your Saturday evening isn’t looking as booked as you thought it might be, no worries.  Palladia tv has just the thing to make you feel connected to some live performances without having to actually leave your couch.  On Saturday night (9 PM EST), they’ll be broadcasting MT’V’s World Stage:  Big Day Out Highlights, featuring The Killers, Vampire Weekend, and Band of Horses.  So, sit back, get comfy, enjoy some home baked treats and check out great performances without having to put on shoes.


Then of course, it’s essential to choose this Sunday to purchase of all your summer concert tickets.  With all those music geeks gathered in one place, the last thing on their mind will be what shows they need to attend in a couple of months, but you, my friend, will be more than ready.  With great artists like Dave Matthews Band, Muse, OAR, She & Him, Bruno Mars, etc. etc. etc – you will want to nab great seats before everyone returns to civilization.


So while everyone’s becoming increasingly dehydrated and dirty, your clean fingernails and nourished body will get quite a lot accomplished over the weekend.

Enjoy, and try not to be as bitter as I am.


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