This could be the beginning of a ten pager starting off with a memoir about my life followed by an essay about the evolution of twenty one pilots, ending with a look into the transference of energies.  However, I’m going to keep it a tad shorter and remove as many details about my life and physiology as possible. 

Initially hearing the new single off a twenty one pilots album (which has only happened a handful of times), there is a precedence of what it shouldn’t sound like.  Once that checks out, then comes the acknowledgement and flickering of satisfaction that this duo is able to pull off another phenomenal single.   However, it never ends there, because the best part is coming.  A molasses-like flow begins to pour, drowning you into realization of how much you actually love the mechanics, lyrics, and passion without the need to compare it to one of their past creations.  

“Nico and the Niners” 

Though the video was released first, something in the back of my mind was telling me to wait to watch it.  This kind of thing doesn’t happen often.  When I want to watch a music video for a song breaking the hiatus of an incredible band, you typically don’t wait.  So, I figured following this little voice was probably in my best interest minus all of the “Have you seen the video yet?” texts I was receiving.   After a few repeated loops of “Jumpsuit” followed by “Nico and the Niners,” I settled my soul down for the deep meaning I knew was going to spill in.  It just so happened on my way back from the dog groomers.  This was beneficial for which I was alone and had no immediate plans.   Deciding to hear out what Tyler wanted to tell me, I listened deep, took in some breaths and let his blood-curtling-post-bridge “Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover meee!” do its job. 

In order to continue, I have to give a brief personal info here.  My dearest apologies.  On the average day I’d like to say that I have a bit of anxiety, some days or weeks it feels more severe and other times it feels all but a “yesterday” feeling.  This isn’t about me and how I view my anxiety though, there just needed to be some context because any time you’re dealing with Tyler Joseph’s brain, you’re going to find a connection to insecurities, doubt, fear, etc.  With that being said, the meaning of “Jumpsuit” hit me.  Hard and fast, not even giving me a chance to realize it was coming and there I was sitting in my car, wiping my eyes, realizing it was the proper time to watch the video (this action further clarified what I felt with less imagination and exaggeration than expected).  My soul had awoken with this extraordinary connection.  This one idea that I had never fully dissected – and believe me, I’m constantly dissecting.  



From this point, which was about a week ago, I have twice used the mantra “I can’t believe how much I hate pressures of a new place roll my way – jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me,” as I go about doing something that leaves me less than settled.  It doesn’t necessarily null and void unsettled feelings, but it places me in the arms of understanding from the duo, the Clique, and others around the universe in similar scenarios. 

The amount of sincerity and passion done at such a high level of musical extravagance is quite overwhelming and I think it deserves your attention.  Besides it being a killer jam, take some time to see what it might mean to you.  Chances are, it could take your listening experience to a whole other level (and I say that knowing full well I sound like Cheech and/or Chong), and why not?  Some songs are intended that way…well actually most have an intention, but not as many actually execute so flawlessly. 

By Charissa Lock