Baby Band Alert: SunSquabi

From Boulder, Colorado, SunSquabi makes a bold entrance into my life with the track Space Cowboy from the EP Lone Star. Continuing on through their Soundcloud, I am pleasantly surprised with the danceable tracks and talented musicianship, especially coming from a band that formed less than two years ago!  This electro-hydro funk quartet combines elements of jazz, dubstep and progressive rock delivering a pleasing fusion of funky bass lines, pleasant guitar melodies and futuristic synthesized whirls and womps layered upon electrifying samples, providing listeners with an experience that keeps you entertained and intoxicated with musical pleasure.


SunSquabi is:

Chris Anderson – Drums

Andrew Clymer – Bass/Synth

Cameron Crumpler – Guitar/ Keys/ FX

Kevin Donohue – Lead Guitar/Production

Learn more about SunSquabi here:





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