Band Mistakes Part One

Time and time again we reach out to bands to discuss opportunities or alliances and we see some of the same mistakes.

Let’s get started!

Research and pick a unique name for your band.  Don’t pick a band name that is W.C. Johnson and the Wildly Awesome Crazy Cat Hairs Band. No one will remember it! Don’t pick a band name thats already some band from Finland’s name, the name of a popular product, company or service, or a corporation from Australia who’s small photography studio has 15 years of search engine history on you.  You won’t top them without a whole hell of a lot of radio, impressions and luck.  Be unique!

Check to make sure you can send and receive emails.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using your domain to host (@yourbandname.com), gmail, yahoo or hotmail.  Well, if you’re using hotmail you probably live in Europe or are completely lost as to how the internet works.  Although, you should be using your own domain or gmail.  One costs a tiny bit of money (your domain), while the other is free (gmail).  Once a week (we do it every single day), you should be checking to make sure you can send and receive emails to your primary band address.  We get a lot of bounced emails and its amazing that it was something simple the band needed to do, like a settings error in their domain email, or they had reached their cap in emails and simply needed to delete some messages.

Update your Facebook at least once a week.  I see over and over again bands that update their Facebook with way too many “call to actions”.  “Buy our t-shirt”, “Make sure you come to our show” (and buy tickets) or “pre-order our album”!  These are all things that definitely need to be sprinkled into your campaign, but should not be the only things you post.  Take pictures from your studio, the road or of each other.  Show your true self. Be creative and fun!  You’re an artist right?  You can go one step further and start a Tumblr or start tweeting.  No one says you have to do these things everyday like clock work, in fact I think thats counter-productive to the inspiration you need to write real music. However, consistency (1-3 times a week/ten times a month works) will keep your fans listening, sharing and spending money on your band/music.

There is three things to get you started.  If you already picked a band name and want to stick with it, thats fine, but check your email and get your social networks rocking with consistency.  Stay determined, keep writing and luck will follow.


ktc mgmt

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