Reinventing the Concert Experience: Beck Takes On David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”

An innovative and entirely new musical experience has been brought to life by director Chris Milk and concert production designer Willo Perron who have created the ultimate exploration of surround sound both live and digital.  Rock legend Beck and more than 160 diverse musicians including an orchestra, a drum line, a row of electric guitarists, a musical saw, modular synthesizers, a Theremin player, a yodeler, 2 choirs, a harpist, world percussionists and Dap-Kings gathered together this past Sunday to perform David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision”, originally released in 1977.  Utilizing 360-degree cameras, 360-degree binaural microphones and a rotating stage, the sound was recorded as we would actually hear it live.


For those who were fortunate enough to experience this magical musical moment in the flesh, the rotating stage circled around the concert goers, yielding the most intense elements of each section of musicians.  For the rest of us who are forced to watch and listen digitally, this modern technology allows for a pristine 3d sound experience, the capturing of a moment in time rather than the typical concert video.


Always embodying true rock stardom, Beck delivers a glorious rendition “Sight and Sound” alongside this talented group of musicians from all over the world.  With the help of the sound and video technicians and their cutting edge equipment and modernizations, a new and improved concert experience is conveyed.


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