Bi-Weekly Top Tracks: Guitar Melodies, Explosive Choruses, and Nasty Wonderment

“Give Yourself A Try”

A typical 1975 song revolves around the lyrics,  sweet synthy jams, and slow-mo, side-to-side head movement.  Their newest track is a taste of something a little more of a throwback pop-punk 2003 guitar melody ushering the song along with Healy’s reality bitten lyrics taking a shuffle to the back.  Of course, you have to take everything I say, knowing it’s not going to sound like Newfound Glory, but rather The 1975 spin on what they would have added to the genre.   Every time…and I mean it… every time I play this track an automatic smile forms on my lips.  My lips also may, or may not purse and I think I probably look like an awkward Chris Kattan holding that Christmas keyboard.  Not straying too far from their ever-popular vibe, “Give Yourself A Try” takes on a nice approach and with such a deliciously catchy guitar melody, it will carry you into the summer night’s nicely.

Felicity “Pilot with a Fear of Heights”

It’s about that time of year, when my pile of student papers must be corrected for final report cards.  With this being said, I was into a nice flow last Sunday, correcting and grading and music on in the background.  Out of nowhere came this insane chorus that stopped time.  Immediately I “hearted” the track then sat in disbelief and that explosion of amazingness.  Of course, I had to listen again with my full attention and fell in love just the same.  The best part of this song is that you can learn the words fairly easily, because singing along to the chorus is exactly why this song was created.  I can’t even tell you how addicted you’ll be to this track once you hear it the first time.  Actually, a handful of days later, I randomly heard the song and thought “hmm this sounds familiar.”  When that gosh-darn chorus hit, people driving by must have thought I was losing my mind. 

 Dave Mathews Band “That Girl is You”

Let’s be honest with each other.  I don’t even want to tell you about this song because it immediately made it to my top 10 Swan songs, and I find it a little uncomfortable sharing such important things to strangers.  However, music is the most important thing in our lives, so I suppose I’ll let you in.
This song…. is unbelievable.  It is so nasty, face grimacing from the absolute grit and passion.  And when I say passion, I don’t mean pretty sexy, I mean the passion from your gut that you’re afraid to let other people see, passion.  Like maybe one or two people in your whole life have seen that honesty in you and you were probably drunk.  Well of course if anyone, it would be Dave Matthews who can pull off sharing that hidden part of his soul.  It’s so well done, too.  The rhythm build is in sync with the emotional build, never over-doing it, just helping it along.  If Brittany Howard and Max Bemis had a baby (taking nothing away from the amazing Sherri and their three beautiful children) – this song would be their child.  I should probably stop commenting on it now or I could go on for another five paragraphs.  Basically, you will either feel this song vibrate through your entire body letting it overtake your soul … or you won’t like it.

By Charissa Lock