Boston Calling Music Festival: Sunday; Who, What, Where, Why?

MEMORIAL WEEKEND UPDATE: Boston Calling is bringing back Boston Calling again in SEPTEMBER of THIS YEAR.  Look at their press release and get ready! #kendricklamer #vampireweekend

by Charissa Lock

Today’s show preview! Day two of the Boston Calling Festival!

1:30 – Caspian – This post-rock instrumental six-piece is locally based with a flare for nailing a transition at the right time while transporting you amongst a science fiction, fantasy world they’ve created in their latest album Waking Season.

2:00 – Youth Lagoon – Besides the fact Wondrous Bughouse is one of the best albums of the year, Trevor Powers’ creation is one of unimaginable greatness that will be a perfect dose of ambient glory on a warm spring afternoon in Boston.


2:45 – Dirty Projectors – Having a unique subtle hip hop sound shadowed behind electro theatrical pop, this Brooklyn band recently released remixes [The Socialites” Remixes 12″, “The Socialites (Joe Goddard Remix)“] based off last year’s Swing Lo Magellan.

3:30 – Ra Ra Riot – Yet anther Big Apple band, this collection of  musicians is electro synth pop to the max with exceptional additions of string instruments promising for shoes to swivel and tap on the ground of the City Hall Plaza.

4:30 – The Walkmen  – an experienced and retrospective group of gentlemen reveling in their latest album Heaven.

5:30 – Andrew Bird – The soothing vocals of Bird will carry away all your worries as the banjo and fiddle invite you into thoughts of carefree blue skies.  Singing the latest from his Hands of Glory we’ll all be in for a nice treat.

6:30 – Of Monsters and Men – Their last performance in Boston was quite memorable with Icelandic flags and whole crowd camaraderie.   Rather surprised this isn’t the headliner of the night, but positive that there will be many in the crowd singing along, continuing the unity that Of Monsters draws out of their listeners.

7:45 – Young the Giant – On May 3rd, we all screamed a squeal of delight as we read that Young The Giant will be back in the studio for their, extremely anticipated, sophomore album.  After hearing them over a year ago share a handful of new tracks, I can confidently proclaim that this performance will be satisfying.

9:00 – The National – Between being the focal point of documentaries (Mistaken for Strangers) and guitarist Bryce Dessner performing at the Walt Disney Concert Hall for astronomical “Planetarium” show, these gentlemen certainly are spreading out their fame.  With Trouble Will Find Me being released 5 days prior to their appearance at BC, we’ll be able to get a nice glimpse into their new tracks.

By the time The National descends the stage we’ll be exhausted and chilly (after all, it is New England), but looking back at our one, or two, days of epic musicians, we’ll never be able to forget this experience of immaculate artists rocking out hard.

See you there!

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