Boston Calling: New Releases from Featured Artists

On May 14th, Saturday artists MS MR will be releasing their first LP, Secondhand Rapture, check out review hereWith the fresh and upbeat single “Fantasy” and darker “Hurricane” as singles, MS MR has exciting things up ahead upon their release.  With two weeks to go, make sure you get this album on repeat so you’ll be plenty ready for the live experience.


Another May 14th release is Bad Rabbits‘ American Love.  Boston-based R&B 5-piece with a post-rock flare, these gents have soul and will also be rocking out on Saturday.


The following week, The National’s Trouble Will Find Me will be released on the 21st.  Sixth album later, the quiet and mature nature proclaims a story to tell with singles “Demons” and newest video release (5/8) of “Sea of Love.”  Five days after their release, they’ll be performing at Boston Calling for diehard fans and intrigued first time listeners.


Wrapping up upcoming releases from artists appearing at Boston Calling comes Portugal. The Man.  Multiple albums, multiple recording companies, as well as members – it’s a fresh start with groovin’ beats and falsetto crooning borderline whininess.  June 4th you’ll be able to take in all of the goodness, and lucky Boston Calling attendees will get a sneak peak on Saturday.



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