Breaking Down Bloc Party’s “Four” Like No One’s Business

by Charissa Lock

So He Begins To Lie….a lie fabricated in twisty guitar melodies, dishonesty flowed in 70’s rock-ballad-esque vocals and a snowball factor of double bass pedal outro madness.

3 x 3….equals 9, which is not the score I would give this track, it’s equality always results in an Incubus comparison, so I’m sure some would rate this higher, to me it’s like I have heard this Germanized Incubus sound before, maybe in calculus.

Octopus…a squiggly background riff, ink-splattering whiny vocals, with a voided underwater white noise aura that slows down the blast of rock-attack you were introduced to on previous tracks.

Real Talk…like when you’re significant other is about to break up with you, verses can be a bit boring and you’re just waiting for the Chorus, the meat of the problem, though it never feels like it happens.

Kettling…rioting has never sounded so tight and put together, thrashing guitar and hair-whipping are contained and out of control simultaneously with gang vocals being the only missing piece to this catastrophic euphoria.

Day Four…it will take you four days to figure out how all songs like this are placed in the same album as the previous tracks with the days leading up to this you enjoying everything in separation, specifically this single which is pleasantly carried out with a calm build up.

Coliseum…being led underneath the tunnels builds your anxiety and a minute in you have arrived at the gates of the pit entrance, distorted guitars running wild, vocals in attack-mode, you are left to fend for yourself with the “pain is holy” mantra -your only key to survival.

V.A.L.I.S…Very intoxicating vocal melodies creating your Awareness that this will be a crowd sing-along, which you will have to learn the quick-moving Lyrics beforehand as well as the Immense vocabulary that is used, and Soon all you will have to think about is when to clap.

Team A…as opposed to B and C, Team A includes faster-paced guitar riffs, the longest track time, an immediate threat to listeners, and some 30 second chatting on the outro.

Truth…the truth is, this is surprisingly one of the more low-key song, with falsetto “woo-hoo-hoo”’s they honestly happen quite often, and with down to earth vocals it is humbly reminiscent to older albums.

The Healing…not to be confused with Passion Pit’sThe Realing,” there is a slow-moving vaccinated sound that flows through the body of the song, where strings restore any earlier experimental instrumentation uneasiness.

We Are Not Good People…in fact, we are so gnarly we tear apart any calm feelings you previously had, throw you into the eye of the hurricane of distorted guitar fury, solos of immense proportions, and riffs spitting back at screaming vocals destroying any hopes you had at this album continuing.

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