Breaking Down The Avett Brother’s The Carpenter Like No One’s Business


by Charissa Lock

The Once and Future Carpenter…once you hear the Avetts start singing you know that your future indie folk rock listening has been enlightened, while the song is being pleasantly constructed around you with multiple musical tools.

Live and Die… bringing a fresh vocal smoothness and catching glimpses from songs of past – verses delivering a captivating melody and ceasing at the chorus to a firm heel to floor stomping melody.

Winter is in My Heart…and in the verses, and in the chorus, the instrumentation, as well lyrics.  Soft and slow acoustic swirls around as you reach for a blanket to wrap around you as the strings begin to accumulate.

Pretty Girl From Michigan…all pretty girls break hearts, even after trying to swoon her with 50s sugarpop music nothing will change her mind, and unsurprisingly it’s happened again for The Avett Brother’s, this time from Michigan instead of Feltre.

I Never Knew You…this upbeat, stand up bass strummin’, piano key playin’ tune packaged with back-up “oooh” vocals results in you deciding anyone making music this fun probably wouldn’t remember a lot of people, result of alcohol consumption.

February Seven…is strangely enough the sixth track on the album, not the seventh, but since it’s boasted that there’s no fortune at the end of the road that has no end, you’re warned that you’re in for a pause at the happy giddiness and we’re facing some cold weather still.

Through My Prayers…exactly as a prayer should be, quiet reflection and soft pleading to wishfully communicate to those who may not be in our lives anymore.

Down With The Shine…sounds quite depressing, claiming predictability in it all, dropping in on the now rampant downward spiral of consecutive somber attitudes.

A Father’s First Spring…becomes more uplifting if the details of childbirth are something that moves you, we now can add another option for Father Daughter dances at Weddings (skipping or not skipping “the blood on the floor” part).

Geraldine…finally, this killer chic comes along and busts up the tissues I’ve needed to acquire, piano melody is fashionable, heading up the album with a “Kick Drum Heart”-esque tune for those of us that need some jaw-dropping jams.

Paul Newman Vs. The Demons…Paul would absolutely win this guitar mashing battle with his handsome good looks and delicious frozen pizza, though demons scuffle up the album here by bringing forth the hardest rock The Avett Brothers have ever produced.

Life…a three minute, forty-four second philosophical view and thought-provoking advice on life, set to falsetto background harmonies and strings that delicately carry the words in a peaceful and calming direction.

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