Concert Preview: STS9 at the Hollywood Palladium 1/24/14 CANCELED

By Aurora Cowen

1/15 UPDATE:  It appears that bassist and front-man David Murphy has separated from STS9 (or has STS9 separated from David?).  They’ve appeared to have officially canceled some winter tour dates, but not the entire tour even though the band has indicated that the entire winter tour is off.

My favorite time of the year is approaching us once again and it couldn’t be coming at a better, more needed time. The excitement (and stress) of the holidays are behind us and the new year lies ahead. Change has been taking place from all angles of life and a musical revitalization is the perfect way to recharge and further kick momentum for 2014 into gear! On January 24th, Zach, Murph, Hunter, Phipps and Jeffree of Sound Tribe Sector 9 will grace us with their presence at the Hollywood Palladium to once again turn up the Los Angeles scene. Anyone unfamiliar with Sector 9 can expect a massive dance party complete with the most epic light show in town and beyond measure musicianship. Read our concert review from last year to learn more. Curiously, no openers or after parties have yet been announced but we will be sure to bring you that information as it develops. Hope to see you there!

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