Concert Review: Lucius with You Won’t at the Troubadour 02/04/14

by Matthew Downes

The world famous Troubadour was welcomed by Lucius and You Won’t this past Tuesday with open arms.

You Won’t brings this folky style of indie pop that just feels so genuine.  Its a happy disruption for pop music and we wish mad success for Josh and Raky.

Lucius brought a refined and well rehearsed set for the face-forward Tuesday LA crowd.  The front-women were dressed in head to toe red, while their back up band was in all black.  The two singers, Jess and Holly effortlessly breath together let alone sing.  Their tone and songs are warm to the touch.

Both of these artists are immensely talented and have mad game.  If they’re coming to a town near you, then please go see them.

You Won’t



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