Def Jam / Rich & Fifth Management Bring Amir Obé Album To Life with Listening Experiences

Newly signed Def Jam artist Amir Øbé and camp hosted a unique pop up listening experience at HNYPT in downtown LA last night, asking fans to step out of their comfort zone and into the dark streets of the Detroit singer/songwriter/rapper’s upcoming debut EP, NØTÇW (None Of The Clocks Work), out 3/30. Guests were invited to experience the macrocosm of NØTÇW via art instillations that were strategically staged throughout the warehouse.  Each activation was symbolic of and a reference to a particular song from the EP, which we were able to listen to on headphones while dissecting the art and it’s encompassing message.  

This forward thinking experiential marketing is, in my opinion, the future of promoting an album.  In this millennial/single driven era we are currently living in, with our limited attention spans and fast paced lifestyles, albums are more or less obsolete (at least in regards to the average listener) as our need/desire for whatever’s next surpasses the craft of an album as a whole.  

Rich & Fifth Management, supported by Def Jam, stepped up the promo game, brining the album (and artist) to life, giving us an opportunity to really feel the essence of each record as well as the body of work in its entirety.  This will become an increasingly relevant way to market an album and the artist as time goes on, and if the label and or management firm has an experiential team dedicated to curating these one-off pop ups, we all win.
In the case of Amir Obé, there’s something very special, both in his artistry and with the creative team working behind the scenes, developing and advocating his career.  If you’re in Toronto tonight, the same thing will be going down at the Only One Gallery.  RSVP and cruise over to see for yourself, it’s free!

By Aurora Cowen