Don’t Miss Music: Life is Beautiful Festival Las Vegas, NV 10/26-27

by Matthew Downes

We’ve already taken a stand that this is quite possibly one of the best “overall” festivals on the calendar this year. While the food and art (and now LEARNING) may take center stage for some of the attendees, we’re primarily a music blog, so we love and breath music, especially NEW music.  If you’d like to read our preview on the festival, you can here.  If you’d like to add one, two or three bands to your must see list this weekend in Las Vegas at the Life is Beautiful Festival you’ve come to the right place.  We’ll go in order here from 3 to 1.

#3 Empire of the Sun

We’ve missed a couple opportunities to see the Aussies boys, save a cancellation, this will be a shiny penny in our concerts jar.  They’ve stormed into your ears with tracks like “Walking On A Dream” and “We Are The People” over the last 5 years. They have an A+ production for this tour, even if Luke (one half of the band) doesn’t like to take part in it.  They have fantastics songs and their production compliments Las Vegas to perfection.

Check out our album review of Ice on the Dune and listen to “Alive” here:


#2 Charli XCX

What more can we say about the talented and precocious Charli XCX (ktc: Up Next)?  Her debut album True Romance draws inspiration from all of our favorite pop stars, she’s gorgeous and seems to really care about her fans.  We just finished up an interview with her that we’ll post around her headlining show in Los Angeles on November 4th. (Tickets)  This is our first time seeing Charli XCX, and what better stage then LIB?

P.S. Did you know that she wrote Icona Pop’sI Love It feat. Charli XCXin 30 minutes?

Check out “Lock You Up”!


#1 twenty | one | pilots

No band has captured our hearts more in 2013 than twenty | one | pilots. From the moment Charissa found them she implored each one of us to take the musical journey that she was introduced too.  They have great songs, they’re energetic, fun and outstanding live performers (see Blue Kite Cinema’s photos from their Troubadour show back in February).  They’ll climb, shake their heads weird and make you laugh. They’ll rap, sing, play ukulele, key-tar (or is it gitboard?), piano, drums, do back flips and maybe even jump into the crowd for the end of their show.  Their tempos will build you up and break you down with great song structure and melody.

What more do you really want from a musician?

We’ve been waiting since February of this year for them to return and we’re excited to see them live for the second time this year.

Check out Twenty One Pilots “Holding On To You” and our review of their debut album VESSEL here.


Honorable Mentions include Childish Gambino, STS9 (a ktc FAVORITE!), Robert DeLong, Wildcat! Wildcat!Haim and both Las Vegas favorites Imagine Dragons and The Killers.

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Photos: Rap Genius for EOTS here, Charli XCX was Dan Curwin, TOP from their website.