Epitome of Entertainment: MisterWives’ Our Own House

By Charissa Lock

Reflections” is a spectacular single, one in which you can’t seem to get sick of hearing it, are unable to sit still when the chorus riffles through…it stays in your head throughout the afternoon and there’s this constant nibbling to hear it again, and again.  It’s not so typical for heavy hitting tracks to be supported by an album of equal or greater intensity , yet here I am filled with this rush of emotion at listening to the February 24th release a few weeks after having listened the first time.   You know that feeling you get from seeing a favorite family member or a close friend after not having seen them in awhile?  The one where you instantly turn into a 16 year old as a startling high pitched screech leaves your lips and frankly you couldn’t run fast enough to embrace that whom you’ve felt half a person without.   This experience of re-listening to Our Own House was almost that thrilling.  As the songs tumbled along my ears perked at every familiar moment I had remembered and may or may not have realized was as spectacular as I’m witnessing now.

This gang has been on my radar since their “Reflections” single, specifically their Jimmy Kimmel performance.  I will openly and proudly state that I’m completely judgmental when it comes to music and by god, I better hear an album or two and watch more than one music video before considering my “love” for them.  Somehow this quintet fluttered through every blinking red light, yield sign, and panel of snobby judges and cozied up into my heart ready to be loved after one song and one performance (Bleachers is feeling very snubbed).  MisterWives have that something which has allowed themselves so easily in, and to the relief of my inner snobby judges, the rest of the album is exquisite.

Even those tracks that start off with a slower melody perk up to a grooving tune, a skin tingling chorus, a brilliant introduction shooting off to a sparkling powerhouse ballad, sometimes just one and other times all of these at once.  The impeccable journey of these tracks runs through my veins uplifting my soul on a continuous stretch throughout Our Own House.  Not that the only high point are the transitions and adventure, for the themes that piggy back also bring their own hunk of respectability (of course, if I have to listen to Nicki Minaj’s “Only” one more time my brain will easily recognize “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as a lyrical masterpiece).

Probably the slower of the package, “Coffins” lifts your heart, stabilizing it to a passionate symphony before topping your senses (a common thread throughout) in this slow motion hip hop bridge.  As lovely as this track is, there are about eleven others that fester such a connection making this a hard album to choose a favorite from.  Well…there is the delicately manifested “Hurricane” (insert blushing smiley emoticon here).  With an acoustic and somber introduction, Mandy Lee slides by completely taking you by surprise as the chorus slams down in a Katy Perry-esque hands-to-the-sky uproar.  You want this album to be the soundtrack to your day, carrying you along your blasé days and uplifting those winter woes.

Catch them on a US tour here and purchase their album so that you’re fully obsessed before the show.

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