Feeling Quenched

By Charissa Lock

Wherever you search for new music, go to that place.  This year has been slightly stagnant with blase albums and singles and there’s a possibility I have lowered my music standards this summer.  Even during my mini Minneapolis trip, my soul was scratching to be replaced in my vacuum of tunage upon my return, but I had little to offer it (if Vinyl Thief had not put out Fathoms I may have lost it).  Starving for something I could tap my foot to and not fall asleep to, I’ve been feeling like a fish out of water.

I opened this with a direction for you to find your music source.  My personal preference is Hypem for a few reasons.  The first being, the freshness is slathered all over this site and they even house a “Latest” section if the new “Popular” music is not quite new enough for you.  Another reason is the simplistic maneuvering and personal nature… you can quickly heart the song you love so that you can build your own playlist and choose to listen to tracks “sans remixes” style.  Their downfall?  My non-iPhone, cellular device is not keen on fluidly portraying streaming websites and there doesn’t appear to be an app for tablets.  Therefore, anytime I want to enjoy all the magic Hypem has to offer, I’m subjected to my laptop (which doesn’t get as much use during the summer).

Needless to say, I was refreshed like a baptized heretic in the Bible this morning as I pulled out the good ole’ laptop and let fresh new music envelop me.  I think I favorited the first five songs I heard, probably overcome with the joy of hearing new beats and melodies.  Of course, the twelve o’clock plans I made are now seeming way too early.

Here are some of my fabulous finds this morning:

Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” feat. Jess Glynne  – A hair tousling tune reminiscent to Whitney Houston with Katy Perry undertones set to electro pop goodness.


Northeast Party House‘s “The Haunted” –  A little Gold Fields-like, with blasting club sirens perking up the rather chill attitude.


Prelow‘s “Mistakes Like This” –  I was jamming to this song and the phallic line threw me every time.  The vocals and melody have won me over though I’m not usually into the mellow r&b of white dudes.


Oslo Parks‘ “Twin” –  A duo from UK releasing their first track July 15th (talk about latest), this whispery electro track has great background synth melodies with a chorus that broadens their genre range.


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