Go Find Your Music and Song Identity

film & tv music

The Billboard Film and TV event has become one of the most important conferences in the music industry today.  It brings together a collection of publishers, songwriters, composers, music licensing companies, musicians and consulting companies just to name a few.  Its where the world of music, film, television and commercials collide.

Some people look at conferences as networking events.  I personally like to look at them as multi-streamed opportunities.  You make and take the best of what gets thrown at you.

I wasn’t bored today, lets put it that way.

The morning was started with a conversation on sonic identity.  You’re an artist right?  You want your music to be in the next Toyota commercial or maybe you even have hopes to be one of the final 20 songs selected for “The Dark Knight Rises” in the summer of 2012.

Is it possible?  Can you do it?

Write songs with feeling.  Write songs that identify your artistry and connect with people below the skin and in their hearts.  Write songs that make people feel.

Go find your “Sonic Identity”. 


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