Hey, Girl, Hey!: A Collage of Female Dj’s

by Aurora Cowen

Whether they are beatmatching and scratching on the turntables, dropping beats and mixing samples or straight up producing songs in their entirety and incorporating original vocals to match, these mamas are tearing up the dance scene across the globe. With looks to kill, mad passion for the art and knowledge of their equipment, its no wonder this “boy’s club” has officially become coed.

Grimes – My new favorite artist from Montreal who not only produces original tracks with layers of simple but also uses her angelic, soprano voice as an instrument that compliments the synthesized sounds while completing each song with catchy, poetic lyrics.


DJ Cynful – A true professional DJ, she’s had residencies and regular appearances at multiple clubs in Hollywood since 2009 all the while studying to be a lawyer. Showcasing her talents as a skilled veteran of mixing and scratching, DJ Cynful is known for her ability to read a crowd and alter a set accordingly while staying true to her original style consisting mainly of house and top 40 mashups.

Ana Sia – This tiny little thing from the Bay area reigns as the leading lady of electronic/tech house music on the west coast dropping heavy bass and sexy beats that keep people grooving. Find her in the south and midwest for the next month touring with Big Gigantic.

Sachi Lee – One of my new favorite up and coming DJ’s from LA, Sachi Lee epitomizes the essence of yin and yang as she teases audiences with her girly, chic and clean presentation while dropping the dirtiest, crunchy groves that instantly get your body moving. Combining elements of underground hip hop and dub step, trap and bass, Sachi Lee is all about creating a fun and feel good environment, elevating positive vibrations through her creative twist on a synthesis of genres.

Nervo – True entrepreneurs in the EDM scene, these Australian sister’s do it all. If their not in the studio producing their own tracks or writing hit songs for pop stars, you can find them spinning at clubs and festivals around the world in addition to hosting their radio show Nervo Nation on SiriusXM.

Monster Trvcks – Bad to the bone blonde DJ squad throwing down trap beats mixed with hot hip hop tracks. Yes!! This duo is a refreshing new outlet for us bass junkies trying to stay away from the constant womps of dub step, ya heard? It’s dirty, it’s grimy…it’s just what LA needs.

Rebecca and Fiona – Another duo of blonde babes, this time from Sweden where Rebecca and Fiona are two of the most celebrated female DJ’s playing electronic dance music.


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