Interview: Gold Fields

Interview done by Matt, Aurora, and Charissa with Mark Robert Fuller of Gold Fields

A handful of producers, thousands of miles away from home and a tour with fellow emerging artists Capital Cities just underway. 2013 has been very good to Gold Fields. How do you feel that you have changed and grown as a band since your last shows in Australia?

MRF: Yeah it’s definitely been a while since we toured at home. The good thing about the states is you can tour for months and play in a different city every night.. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing so far this year and we definitely feel like our show has grown up a bit. You get into a momentum of just driving and playing but we keep ourselves on our toes by changing up the show and developing it as we go.

What’s the biggest surprise been about the reception of your music in the U.S.?

MRF: Yeah, it’s all been a pretty pleasant surprise. More people keep coming out to our shows which makes them more fun and it’s nice seeing people who know and enjoy our music while we’re so far from home.

A part of your set is a cover of the tune “Born Slippy.NUXX” from the film Trainspotting. Your version fits the aesthetic of your band so well. Was this a universal choice by the band?

MRF: Yeah it was, we all love the song and loved the idea of playing it live. It’s a lot of fun to play at festivals.

What has Gold Fields been listening to on the road this year? How do you guys consume music? Is it different than how you consume music back home in Ballarat?

MRF: I’ve been listening to a lot of Flaming LipsSleepy Jackson!!!Tame Impala on this tour. Everyone has headphones on in the van listening to their own thing or working on programming our own ideas and writing.

Right before this tour you released your debut album Black Sun. The story about how this album came about was a long one. The chapter that intrigues us most is the dynamics of your recorded music vs. your live show. We were prepared for a more docile show and were loudly surprised (and loved it). Its two completely different worlds. Was this the plan all along?

MRF: It’s just been the way since we started making music. While we’re in the studio, we try to make the best songs we can on record. Structure wise, sound wise, production wise… But then playing live is a totally different ballgame.. They are two completely different arts and we view them completely separately. With the live show we try to re-create our favourite memories from going to shows and festivals each time we play. The songs are fully re-worked into a set to fit a more energetic, loud, fun live show for everybody.

Your intriguing “Blackmath” artwork was a creation done by the Leonard brothers. Was the artistic design something you had a part in? What do the dark caveman-esque symbols mean to you?

MRF: The Leonard Brothers are mates of ours from Ballarat. We love all the design work they do and when we saw Sean’s ‘The Black Math‘ stuff, it really resinated with us and the music we were making.. So we showed them the demos and asked them to bring it to life visually. We worked with them over the course of us recording the album and the result is the little world that is Black Sun.

You guys attended Coachella for the first time this year (as did we). In your recent interview with Fuse, you shared your desire to witness Sigur Ros‘ Coachella performance. Did your wish come to pass? Which performances struck you as most fascinating in the desert sun?

MRF: Yeah I think that was Rob. He loves them. He did go watch them and he said it was one of the most amazing shows he’s seen. That whole weekend was really, really good in a lot of ways. We all split off and saw different things from the XX to Knife Party.. New Order, Tame Impala, DisclosureThe Postal Service and lots of stuff we don’t remember but know was mind blowing.

You’re in good hands all-around on Team Gold Fields. No one gets to this point without a lot of determination and luck. If you had one piece of advice to share with other aspiring artists, what would it be?

MRF: Haha, I don’t really feel qualified to be handing out advice at this stage but I guess form my experience so far.. Just work hard because it’s really difficult a lot of the time.. make sure you love what you’re putting out and get good people around you who believe in what you’re doing.

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