It’s That Time of Year for Slippers, Candles, and Ofelia K’s Plastic Flower

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By Charissa Lock

Think of Plastic Flower EP like the wispy sweet nothings of a delicate Norah Jones-like vocals set against an Ingrid Michaelson twinkly indie pop style background.  Soft and simple, yet twirling with a flamboyance of uniqueness amongst the genre of “female indie pop.”  Where this unknown element of freshness stems from is both a mingle of small nothings (a twinge here, a fun percussion melody there) and an overlay of an ambiguous something.  Ofelia K has the necessary components in her introductory EP to cause intrigue and an understanding that there’s something special here; tapping, fiddles, twangs, xylophones?

Earlier this month Miss Ofelia K released her first EP, a collection of previous singles that had been swirling around the likes of Soundcloud and Spotify.  Well, the three previous separate singles and the breathtakingly chic and quirky “Hawk Fly Tiger Run.”  Yeah…it was one of those Hype Machine deals.  I was overloaded with a barrage of Monday morning’s “setting up the classroom” activities and I froze on the spot as this fantastic song of all songs giddily streamed through the speakers.  Later on that day, the rest of the EP was then on repeat for the entire week.

Ofelia isn’t trying exhaustingly hard nor is she giving half her talent while everyone else tries to make up the difference.  As a singer-songwriter she lays her heart out, creates lovely and catchy melodies, swoons away with her flower petal voice, and is seasoned with funky and plentiful instrumentation.  Why sing with just an acoustic guitar (though you may want to check out her acoustic version of “Gone”) when you can have a plethora of mini melodies and notes carried by a slew of unlikely characters?

Plastic Flower is honest, confident though a bit shy, fitting for almost any occasion, mood, or time of day, and easily trumps over the many female singers out there.  You know, the ones trying to be pouring out your speakers while you’re sorting and organizing your lunches for the week, or heading to meet your friends for a quick coffee or something a bit more sinister.  Yet, as those seem to be good for one single and then fade, Ofelia keeps finding herself involved in my day. Three weeks later and here I am gushing over “Hawk Fly Tiger Run,” “As a Bell,” and basically the entire EP.   That funky and loveable attitude within these four tracks is spot on.   Gosh, even the soundtrack to her 15 second running video through a desert is eccentric and delightful.

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