Let’s Read About Music

The question I drop on people most when talking about music or the music industry is “what’s the best thing you’ve heard in the last 12 months?“.  This usually stimulates a good conversation.  Sometimes we get lucky and it wanders up being written about on this blog, but most of the time not.  This isn’t a cause and effect thing, its purely a publicity thing*.  Its’ physically impossible to remember everyone of these conversations without taking notes at every turn.   If someone mentions something unbelievable to me, I’m likely to remember it but if someone says “yeah that’s good” or “check this out when you can” it tends to get lost in the sea of releases/albums/new artists that come across my desk or ears.  To perpetuate these musical thoughts I resort to learning about, reading about, studying about music every single day of the week.

This is probably the hardest part of the musical blogging job.  In the ends its fun though because when you stumble on something its like Christmas.  Christmas can come multiple times in one day or sometimes you can go a couple weeks (usually never longer than that) looking for inspiration.

Here is a short list of the 10 places that I visit to be reminded of those chance encounters.

There is no particular order to this.

1. Pitchfork
2. Gorilla Vs. Bear
3. Distonal
4. We Are Hunted
5. Pop and Hiss (LA Times)
6. Brooklyn Vegan
7. Billboard.Biz
8. Hollywood Reporter
9. The Wrap
10. Digital Music News

This list could’ve been 2x as bigger and doesn’t include scores of record labels I visit.  Some secrets are just flat out meant to be secrets.  I do seriously adore We Are Hunted though.  They’ve inspired me more than anyone in 2012.


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*A bands search for this type of exposure is usually left for the young and fearless.

P.S. This blog was inspired by Animal Kingdom.