Interview: Michael Shepard from “Lovedrug”

10 plus years as Lovedrug including a major label, support for some of the biggest artists on the planet, festival gigs, a supportive fanbase etc. etc.  How fun has this ride been?  Plan on stopping anytime soon?

MS: We’re in for the long haul at this point so I don’t see us stopping at any point soon. Every passing day is an opportunity to create and we can’t ever give that up regardless if we make any money at it or not.

Your latest, Wild Blood, was produced by Paul Moak.  How did you guys come to work with him?  Was the city of Nashville an influence on final touches on the record?

MS: Nashville didn’t have much baring on the record. Actually Alliance, Ohio did. We spent those two years writing in an abandoned warehouse that we called home in a downtown ghost town. It was magical and totally shaped the sound of our album.



I came to know about you on the road, maybe the most genuine place to meet people and most misunderstood part of a being in a band.  This current tour you’re on takes you all over the United States, that said what do you love and hate about touring?  

MS: Touring is a double edged sword. For an hour and a half every night it’s the most amazing occupation on the planet. The rest of the time it’s all struggle. Sleeping on floors, pinching pennies, etc. But in the end it’s all about reaching out and sharing yourself with the world and we love doing it.

Having worked with indie labels, major labels and back again, do you feel like your band is in the right place?

MS: Right now absolutely. We’re completely on our own and until we need that next level that requires help were very happy to be completely independent. 

You guys seem to really understand what it takes.  Just keep doing, going however and whatever way you can.  This is a testament to your longevity and survival in the music business.  Having said that, you’ve been pretty steady releasing material over the years.  Is this a case of necessity or does the music/lyrics have a natural ebb and flow? 

MS: In my experience anything creative that is fantastic can’t be planned or premeditated. So, it’s really just a matter of staying busy and being ready when the inspiration hits.

Where do you draw your biggest inspiration for your material?  past events, family, life experiences, relationships, a combination of all? 

MS: All of those things. Anything that moves us.

Any new music (musicians, bands, artists, songs, albums from the last 12 months) that are inspiration or new loves?  

MS: My girlfriend just turned me on to the Black Angels recently. Of course, they’ve been a band for a while but their new to me. I love it. It’s everything I wanted the Doors to be.

In 50 words or less, whats the one thing you want the world to know about Lovedrug?

MS: I want the world to know that we arent going anywhere and that were gonna keeping shouting until everyone hears what we have to say.

We implore you to buy Lovedrug’s new album Wild Blood here.

They also might be playing at a city near you here.  Definitely go out and support them if you can.  They are very good live!


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special thanks to songkick for the live photo.

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