Lovelife at the Roxy 9/18

By Mojo

Lovelife sold out The Roxy on Sunset this past Thursday night. It was a crowd of mostly teens and the industry. Even if their name doesn’t ring a bell, if you’re a listener of ALT 98.7, then you’ve probably heard their song, “Your New Beloved” without knowing. But it was the single, “Nova” off of their new EP, Silk Road that everyone was loving on this night. The band is spunky and uniquely colorful, and still quite a tight unit. The synthpop fed the young souls and everyone was beaming. Lovelife’s music is solid and befitting of the Los Angeles scene. It was no surprise they cashed the place out. Keep on truckin’ guys, ‘cause I think you’re going to be just fine.

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Photo Credit: Travis Keaster


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