M83 Pours Heart into Club Nokia Performance, Luck and Sound Misfire

M83 played Club Nokia last night in Los Angeles. This was the first of two nights at 2300 capacity club.  The band seemed to have some equipment problems and didn’t seem to warm up until about three quarters of the way through the set.


Not to mention the substandard sound quality at Club Nokia that just wasn’t what I’m used to as an avid concertgoer.  Regardless, “Intro”, “Steve McQueen”, “Wait”, “A Guitar And a Heart” and the closer “Couleurs” were pretty awesome.

Anthony Gonzalez a.k.a

Everybody has bad days at work so no big deal.  The band will certainly rip down Club Nokia tonight on what should be a legendary Friday the 13th.

Here is the opener from last night:


Happy Friday!


special thanks to the LA Times for the recent photo, Facebook for the message and YouTube for hosting the video.

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