Making Your Life Danceable: Your Smith’s Wild Wild Woman EP

Your Smith‘s “The Spot” break-out single from a summer ago was my jam.  I had that thing on repeat and it embodied my entire “Summer sun 18” playlist.   I remember vividly writing my review for it sitting in an Mexican restaurant, trying not to get salsa drips on my laptop.  I’m not really sure what happened to that review, but I always hoped that Your Smith wouldn’t phase out, lost in all the music like my writing had. 

Last Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to find that an EP was released by this 90s vibing-storyteller and it was just as fun-loving as the first.  Wild Wild Woman is the five song continuation of good energy (despite the sometimes sadder content) and smooth vocals set to slow-rockin’ beats.  The relatable nature of  lyrics doesn’t sugar-coat or have mystical meanings.  Smith has a knack for taking life’s normalcy and supplying it with a groovy beat and catchy melody so that you find yourself singing along to a moment you’ve been through,  “and now I’m laughing cause I was actin’ like I ever stood a chance to win this time” which is a way better version than your “I guess I’m single again” song you came up with.  There’s a little bit more production involved on this EP, such as the end of “In between Plans,” where the build-up tacks on a guitar solo and background vocals.  Wild Wild Woman concludes with an assumed 90’s-type slow-jam, but somehow feeling fresh and welcoming.  As you cruise along. you feel as if you’re in a musical… walking down the street having Your Smith as your backdrop to your day, which may or may not lead you to doing a little side shuffle, or giving a thumbs up and a wink to your local florist.  

Check out Your Smith on tour and the album on Spotify and Apple Music.