Muse’ Manager Anthony Addis Talks Music Business


“I think the music industry has a lot of mediocre artists and groups at the moment. The record companies are feeding off mediocre, instant success and “The X-Factor” was the trouble that started it… People don’t follow the same band anymore. [Artists] are like disposable cartons. That’s what we’ve got now in the music industry, and he [Simon Cowell] started it. And you’re going to have more fallout if Warner or Universal buy EMI because they’re going to drop all the lower level [artists]. There’s still a lot of good stuff, don’t get me wrong. But it’s harder to build a career with a band because the record companies want it, but they also don’t want it. They want a killer band within an album cycle.” – Muse Manager, Anthony Addis

Source: Billboard Magazine; goo.gl/Ya8Uh

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