Music and Art, Downtown LA!

What better way to start summertime in Los Angeles than a weekend filled with music and entertainment in the heart of the city.  The Jubilee Music and Arts Festival is a two day event on June 7th and 8th in the downtown Arts District featuring up-and-coming artists as well as internationally known and touring bands alike.  Purchase tickets here if you haven’t secured yours already!

KITTEN – If you follow us regularly at ktc, you know this is will be our most anticipated show of the weekend.  Read our review of their show in Boston at the HOB and find out why we love these LA locals as much as we do!

Free Energy –  Love these guys!

Fools Gold – Los Angeles based indie dance pop group mixing western pop with African rhythms and melodies.  This will most likely be a fun, care free dance party and I’m looking forward to it!

Lovelife – A pop duo from England that I’ve been looking forward to seeing live.

Salva – Another LA local: producer, remixer and Dj

The Drums – From Brooklyn, these three cats write indie beach pop songs that reveal true life topics we often choose not to discuss like extreme religious views, transgenderism and violence.  The juxtaposition of musical style and lyrical topics makes for an intriguing artistic performance.

Trash Talk – I’m almost nervous about seeing these rough-housing hardcore punk rockers perform but equally excited to let loose and mosh with the rowdiest of the bunch, reminiscent of my high school days.

Beat Club – Yessss this is my shit!! Top priority at Jubilee (next to Kitten)

Black Lips – For all the so called social outcasts and fuck ups (I’m sure we can all relate) embarking on the weekend events of Jubilee, this punk rock quartet from Atlanta will surely be a magnet, pulling us in for the outlandish, at times comedic, fist in the air rage fest.

Bleached – These pop/punk sisters put on a great live show where letting loose and entering DGAF mode is a must (we saw them with Ex Cops at the Troubadour two weeks ago).

Riff Raff – Oh my God, this guy.  I’m actually really excited to see the silly rapper from Houston with whose viral success is what put him on the map.  He’s wild, unique, and can actually flow (for a white guy).

Viceroy – Perfect summertime nu-disco tunes, necessary for a lighthearted, fun-filled festi weekend downtown LA!

DWNTWNCalvin LoveRaizPangeaData RomanceThe DollsTorchesBom BomGreat White Buffalo, and many, many more!


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