My Soundtrack To Juno’s Wintery Storm

By Charissa Lock

Wolf Alice – “Bros”


Two years late, but arriving at just the perfect moment, Wolf Alice’s “Bros” swarms through my body in liberating movements.  Expelling the frigidity in spurts of bouncy instrumental choruses and an unexpectedly delicious bridge this track pulls up close to the inexplicable joy that KITTEN’s “G#” delivers.  Ellie Rowsell’s vocals flow over your soul with subtle intonations carrying along these slight melody changes to maximize pleasure.  With my street being in its most quiet and delicate state, “Bros” all but sends me leaping and dancing through the snow drifts at the backdrop of this musical freedom.


Awolnation – “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)”

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2PsXT88UeU[/youtube]

“This Kid’s Not Alright” was a comforting extension of my confidence in the musical genius of Aaron Bruno following Megalithic Symphony’s mind blowing starting off point.  Yet, there was a pause there and I’m pleased to hear the new single “Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)” off of the upcoming Run album.  It’s welcoming to more than a “pop” audience with its abnormal transitions from verse to chorus and just a Bruno-ized approach to everything.  Yet, it is catchy as all hell and your eyebrows never furrow at any possible oddities because it’s a great song.  Capping off the tune is an excellent screamo bridge that you can certainly mash your head to.  Cannot wait for Run. 


MisterWives – “Our Own House”


Previewing the tuneage of one of my most anticipated albums of the year, Our Own House, I must say most tracks have left me dancing in the kitchen burning the grilled cheese sandwiches.  And to what do I owe the pleasure of kicking off all of this?  Well the first track of course.  A blend of modern meets 80s dance with horns and the quirky powerhouse voice of Mandy Lee Duffy.  As there are other songs I have a deeper connection with, the brilliant mix between Duffy’s vocal melodies and tonality with the instrumentation pinpoints you to only MisterWives, leaving no doubt behind the creators of this upbeat and perky track.


Catfish and the Bottlemen – “Cocoon”


Yeah, these lads will absolutely be elaborated more by me at a later date.  However, while I’m forced inside during this blizzard duration, I will be blasting Catfish and dying every time I hear the bridge to “Cocoon.”  The chorus is a throw your head back and sing along which already places this single at the top of the list.  Yet, as the song is nearing the end something magical happens that freezes everything in its path (no pun intended)…the instrumental bridge.  Are you even serious?  It’s so brilliant you feel faint as the whole world shifts along with those handfuls of notes.  Nope not that part…wait for it it…wait for it…  Yup, told ya so.

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