My Weekend Soundtrack

By Aurora Cowen

Another eventful weekend full of musical delights – here’s the soundtrack to the past few days of my life in no particular order:

Atoms For Peace – I’ve had Amok on repeat in the Honda and have been enjoying it very much.  Any Radiohead fan would most likely agree.  My favorite track by far is “Dropped”.  Here’s a 30 minute set from Friday’s show at the Oval Space in London:


Still love drunk from last week’s Twenty-One-Pilotsshow at the Troubador (read our concert review here), I’ve kept Vessel in rotation this weekend.  Love me some “Trees”



Not a surprise, I listened to Sound Tribe this weekend…


I found out that a friend of mine worked on the video for this song and, after hearing it on the radio on Friday, decided to watch it for myself.  Broken Social Scene – “Sweetest Kill” – good song but the video scarred me for life…don’t let your girlfriend’s watch:


After missing my opportunity to see one of my favorite bands at The Roxy (sold out in a minute), it was necessary to rock some 311  in their honor.




Youth Lagoon Wondrous Bughouse, out March 5th.


 Jamiroquai – “Never Gonna Be Another” 

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyvRTsoT2v0 [/youtube]

Gearing up for their show on the 28th at the Troubador, we’ve all been jamming Goldfields Black Sun which wil be released this Tuesday.



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