New Releases We Didn’t Miss This Month

Some months are more attractive than others.  The second quarter of 2013 ended off with a bang in the album release department.  Since we keep our reviews down to four a month, its been hard to pick which albums to present and which to pass up.  This month had so much good music, that we wanted to share five more albums to add to your wish list.  Turn it up cause July SUCKS.

Sigur RósKveikur [XL Recordings]

New sound, new album all in 12 months for the Iceland rock stars.  Check out “Yfirborò“.

Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork [Matador]

A rock album to the core.  Maybe the best touring rock band on the planet right now.  Filled with super guest appearances and QOTSA proves that they don’t need to be hard groovin’ to make us stand up and listen. Check out “I Appear Missing“.

Jimmy Eat WorldDamage [RCA]

Jim Adkins and the boys from Tempe, AZ return with an album that sounds like it was written for its hardcore fans.  That isn’t a knock as the album is quite impressive.  However, this album will make their hardcore fans catalog a lot bigger, but won’t break them into mainstream (again).  I hope I’m wrong!  Check out “I Will Steal You Back“.

Rogue WaveNightingale Floors [Brushfire Records]

Hailing from Oakland, Zach Rogue (Zach Schwartz) delivers an album of “inclusive” stories to match some of the bands recent personal tragedies.  Listen: “Everyone Wants To Be You

Smith WesternsSoft Will [Mom + Pop]

The three piece, from Chicago, missed me on their first two albums, but grabbed me here.  Their latest album (due out June 25th) was quite a surprise of luscious, wav-ey, alt-rock ala Wilco that I’ve listened to the album six times since getting the advance. “Fool Proof” is a great way to get a sample of the album.

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