Powerful Video, Infectious Song: Polica’s Wandering Star

I’d seen a few of Polica‘s live videos a few months ago and I was intrigued, but never pursued a musical cognizance of her until today when I came across the video for Wandering Star.  Although it was released ten months ago, it affected me enough that I was compelled to bring it to you.  The song is beautiful: strings and marching band drums blend with a melodic and effortlessly flowing bass line.  An angelic voice (think Dido) sings of loneliness and sorrow, yet hope and positivity cling on to each lyric.  The video is an intense artistic expression of the deep darkness that this old woman’s life is consumed by and an inevitable transformation that takes place within her soul.


I feel like if you have ever experienced the pain of grieving the loss of a loved one, you can understand the extreme desolation and heaviness of heart that this woman is experiencing. Darkness creeps through the corners and shadows of the empty room inciting her demons.  But she’s been awakened by the touch of hope; the colors reach her and she has a renewed sense of life illuminating throughout the once empty shell.

What’s really magnetic about this video is that the music perfectly orchestrates the multitude of emotions being eloquently displayed through dance and art.  Yet, the video almost overpowers the song itself.   Interestingly, anyone viewing the video could interpret the actual message differently depending on personal life experiences and the level of optimism one is feeling that particular day.  I would like to think, though, that we can all see the beauty in this tragic but glorious tale of loneliness and despair evolving into hope and prosperity.  The ending is ultimately what’s up for annotation.  Polica definitely has the ability to project the intensity of emotion through beautiful song writing.  It’s a gorgeous instrumental tale either way and I’m happy to share it with you today .


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