Preview: Ghost Beach and Smallpools at Brooklyn Bowl

by Charissa Lock

If you live in the vicinity of Brooklyn, or you’re a music nerd and are willing to drive from Massachusetts to New York, I am highly suggesting you head over to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night for a spectacular very early morning musical party experience (or late night, depending on how you look at it).  You check Brooklyn Bowl’s calendar and are confused by my pushy nature towards the all girl Motley Crue tribute band.  Although I’m sure that will be a good time too, that’s not what this is all about.  Rather, after GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exit the stage, there is a dance party of catchy, synthy proportions that will be taking place.

More on the softer, chill side Bad Things will be starting off the night with their harmonies and prominent drums featuring Gold medalist Shaun White on guitars (listen to “Caught Inside“).  Following Bad Things comes Smallpools.  From Los Angeles, this crew is voicing their arrival quite clearly with their splashy and bubbly single “Dreaming” (listen here) that hosts comparisons to Passion Pit and Icona Pop.  A little more mainstream pop than I usually care for, but their explosive energy and transitions have doomed me to be letting loose upon the squeaky synths chords and thick bass riffs.  Kicking off their summer tour on the following Monday in Boston, this will certainly be a good starting point.  Not to forget, this is their first show EVER.

New York duo Ghost Beach are headlining this event, generating fans through their upbeat dance party electronics. With sweet melodies pushed through crunchy guitars and snyth, their tunes are coming across with a strong uniqueness among their plentiful remixes.  Tantalizing and fluid, this will be well worth the wait.  The wait?, you ask.  Yes, for the show is beginning at 11:59, a legit dance party otherwise classified as a Pop Music Club Night.  Though I will be drinking many Red Bulls this weekend, this line up of electro pop artists is one of those line ups you create only in your mind, never imagining it to come true.

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