Preview: Paper Route at the Bootleg Bar on 6/28 in Los Angeles

Have anything to do on Friday this week?  Live in Los Angeles?  Well we have something AWESOME for you and it can be had for only $12.

It is no secret that we LOVE the band Paper Route here at killing the cabinet.  We’ve featured them in the past in various capacities including an album review of their last album The Peace of Wild Things, a concert review (or two) and an insightful interview from JT and Chad.

Well this Friday they return to Los Angeles for another show at the Bootleg Bar.  Their last show was epic.  They played for about 50 minutes and brought the crowd into another room for their closer.  The crowd also partook in singing separate male and female “oohs” and “ahhs” that capped an outstanding performance.  We’re looking for Paper Route to raise the bar again this time around, and with a set that includes a 2nd set of drums 4 feet off the ground, how can you lose?

Tickets are still available here.  Will you be there?  We will.



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