Random Thoughts…

some random thoughts on a Friday…

Chris Brown

chris brown grammys 2012 performance

I’m not a Chris Brown fan, but this latest media lashing is unjustified.  He served his time in accordance with the law and does not deserve to be persecuted twice.  What he does deserve is the crap he should receive for the under-produced Grammy performance and lip-synced performance with Lil Wayne/David Guetta later in the night.  Flat out poor bro!


spotify top songs

Its important to understand, as I should have, that Spotify is in its infancy.  When this service becomes a ubiquitous solution to consuming music and artists stop creating art, then I think its fair to persecute them.  They do not consider themselves a savior to the music industry, merely an inevitability.  My original thoughts are unjust and now that I understand the service a bit better, I’m telling my artists to use it as a promotional machine as long as you employ a proper strategy.  What I’m waiting for is Apple to flick the competition light switch on.

Music Box in Hollywood

music box

This is one of my favorite venues in the United States and ever since two of the owners left without reason, causing an eviction and subsequent closing, I’ve been left wondering who would come in to clean up the mess.  The bottom line is monster promoter Goldenvoice looks to swoop in, liquor license and all, with a 12 month lease and start putting live shows back in the storied venue. STAY TUNED!



I commend her label and management for handling her rise to stardom.  It will be very difficult for anyone to duplicate her last 12 months in 2012.  Her album 21 was released about 13 months ago and has sold, last I checked, 17+ million albums. She didn’t have the Justin Bieber-effect, didn’t have a major press push like on Lady GagaBorn This Way (or the millions of monsters who helped support her and Amazon’ .99 album push either) and because of illness didn’t get a chance to tour which would’ve only helped push her obscene sales numbers even higher.  Just this past Sunday she picked up 6 Grammys and was a big reason 39,000,000 tuned in to watch.  Can we start getting excited for 23, 24 or 25?  Congrats Adele!


Happy Friday!


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