Remarkable Side Projects: Conspirator

Conspirator, formed in 2004, consists of Disco Biscuits‘ Marc Brownstein (bass) and Aron Magner (keys) along with Chris Michetti of RAQ and an ever-changing lineup of drummers including Lane Shaw from Pnuma Trio and Mansions on the Moon, Mike Greenfield of Lotus , Darren Shearer from the New Deal, KJ Sawka of Pendulum and Adam Deitch of Break Science and Pretty Lights.  This is no ordinary side project, people.  This is a supergroup of artists from some of the most successful bands on the jam/electronic scene, their talents and resumes individually are astonishing.  Conspirator’s live performances are industrious and electric, dance party inducing, while their studio recordings are equally as entrancing.

Unleashed, Conspirator’s latest release, is a six song EP of live instrument EDM with elements of dubstep and house, full of ravishing synthesizers, pleasant melodies and undeniable drum technique.


Check them out at a venue near you and see for yourself why Conspirator is this month’s remarkable side project.

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