I’ve been stuck on one particular single for months. I probably listen to it at least 4 times a week and frankly that’s quite obsessive for my typical mixed rotation.

It was discovered by my fellow KTC’er, Aurora Cowen, in a handful of other tracks. Much like rustling through a bin of clearance cassettes in hopes to find something worthy that had magically stayed hidden away from the hands of previous hopeful diggers. “Eh, maybe this?” adding POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE’s “ALLTHETIME” to her list of recent potentials.

This duo from Liverpool consists of Simon Joseph Callum Quigley and Tyler Plazio and after some quick rebranding, have virtually erased their past musical endeavors and have created an identity following a strict set of colors, fonts, hairstyles, phrasing, and of course, fly jams.

I must be honest. The first listen I was uncertain of the fantastic qualities that would soon consume me. Cooking dinner and half listening to bits and pieces (due to the deep concentration on my meal prep), not quite sure if there was anything to write home about. Yet, later that evening, the chorus lingered on.

It started with the chorus playing around in my head. Gave it a few more spins, and things began happening. Each verse is sung by a different vocalist and the second verse includes background from the first singer… something I had to sing along to. Lyrics not so tricky and a catchy melody. By my passionate obsession, I was singing along to most, having the most wonderful time. Flirtatious and fun, the track hit with carefree vibes that were extremely well executed. With it being a seven-minute song, you may not even pick up on the instrumental outro that transforms the song into something more intricate than a typical pop song. On the other hand, it may be the first thing you notice – “Dude, are you kidding me with this ending right now?” After so many listens, I can share with confidence that my two favorite moments are the falsetto blending into the second chorus and the solo guitar intro to the outro. Man, that stuff is so good.

Join me in my obsession, won’t you? They have two other singles that can be found on your favorite streaming device, both a bit more upbeat, and on June 18th are releasing their EP, 1980. Absolutely fun and danceable… but they don’t settle over you like the thick, giant cloud of complex pop-energy of “ALLTHETIME.