Simplistic and Soothing, Eerie and Bizarre: Top 5 Videos From Last Week

The Flaming Lips “Turning Violent”
In true FL fashion, the video is slightly eerie and a bit bewildering, yet something is missing. Like the rest of the song, maybe? I feel like they could have taken this to the next level and really jammed on this tune but this post is about the video rather than the songs so I’ll say this: I love the distorted camera shots and the group of beings smothering themselves with…that stuff. It’s weird and I get down with weird. But the song…


The Weeknd “Belong to the World”
It starts off like a short film, just not quite short enough. I honestly can’t stand music videos with lengthy intros like this. But it does tell a story that goes along with the decent track. He’s got such a unique and beautiful voice, it’s hard not to love anything he does.


Moby ft Cold Specks “A Case For Shame”
More masks! Another trend in music videos these days. I’m happy to see Moby back, doing his thing! This is the first single from the album Innocents out October 1st.


Braids “In Kind”
I love the simplicity and harmony that this video offers. No naked girls, no animal masks. Just nature and the sounds of Raphaelle Standell-Preston’s gorgeous voice. I absolutely love this song and the images that quietly flow throughout the video.


Lightning Dust “Loaded Gun”
A track from the newly released album Fantasy (Jagjaguwar), channeling their inner NIN/The Knife. The video is just as intriguing as the song itself, especially if you pay close attention and watch al the way through. The Vancouver duo will be at the Echo in Los Angeles August 8th!


By Aurora Cowen

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