Songs for your Playlist

by Charissa Lock

Fialta – “Omg

The Smallpools vibe (though debut-wise, it’s a close race who was first) rings clear in this surprisingly refreshing indie band’s latest single.  May have overlooked it entirely if not for the second verse female vocals floating in, smoothing things out and reminding me of the likes of Mates of State, etc.  Enjoy the throwback and catchy atmosphere they create.


Though this is not my usual cup of tea, I’m digging where my soul finds satisfaction with it.   There’s a constant colossal build up to fuzzy shoegaze vocals that plateaus in a blanket of gloomy pop.  I also dig the moments of delicacy hidden throughout.

Pirra – Limousine Lies – Lindstrom & Prims Thomas Remix” – Extended Mix”

I would never be able to tell you all the people who make this song possible, nor the official name of the song if I was ever put on the spot.  But dear, god.  This song is fabulous.   I am not into remixes…never mind a remix that is an extended mix.   This jam is its own being, its own universe.   The killer 80s beats with synth are flawless set upon a present-day canvas.  I was jamming so hard to this song and when the vocals started, the phenomenal catchy melody was somehow background to everything else and that doesn’t even make sense as I’m writing it.  It’s also just under ten minutes… but never are you asking for it to end, which is another strange mystery.

Dirty Projectors, Chromeo – “Lose Your Love – Chromeo Remix

Yes.  Another remix.  I’ll blame it on 2020.  You may have seen Dirty Projectors perform this song on NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.   It was a pretty powerful performance and a great reminder of the talent these artists have.  … Then Chromeo did its Chrome thing.  We have yet another remix that accentuates everything wonderful about the original.   With a newly implemented bass heavy, Daft Punk vibe you wouldn’t normally see these two things working perfectly together, but they somehow do and it’s fantastic.

Remi Wolf – “Woo!

This song will be stuck in your head for the evening and you will be very happy about it.  Remi’s range of vocals brings you to the look on Ne-Yo’s face during World of Dance when some group comes out and does some nasty crumping.  She has a lot of singles to choose from in 2020, but this one always brings a smile to my face and I find myself grooving out a little more every time I hear it. Woo!