Songs That Hit Charissa Over The Head Part I

The Maccabees – “Pelican”

From beginning to the end, this song is flawless. The build-up is slow, steady and totally worth every second.


Regina Spektor – “Ballad of A Politician”

The lyrics are unbelievable. Regina somehow finds a way to write an honest song about (most) politicians and it’s not 1968.


French Cassettes – “Mouth Drum”

A smirk appears on my face every time I hear this. So chill, man.


Walk The Moon – “I Can Lift a Car”

I always loved this song, but listening to it at the gym was such an epic experience, it has totally made it to my favorite list.


Islands – “Vapours”

So simple, but there’s something about it that just gets to me, it must be the horns.


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