Summer Set List: Week 2

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By Charissa Lock and Aurora Cowen

Here’s the second edition of our summer set list with a few new songs that we’ve been playing. Whether you’re running on the beach, cruising on a road trip, or laying out by the pool, these tunes have become the 2013 summer soundtrack.

Do you have Spotify?  You can listen to this killing the cabinet playlist by clicking the Spotify player at the top of this website or by clicking right here.  We’ll add to this list each week until the final day sets on Summer (September 21st).

Lorde  “Love Club”
Her hit single “Royals” put her on the map but many of her lesser known tracks are spinning through the offices of ktc this week. Like this one. Her angelic, youthful voice and clever lyricism next to trendy, unique instrumentals, samples and beats make for splendid summer jams.


The 1975  “Chocolate” 
They’re just so damn good, every song! “Chocolate” is the perfect anthem to a summer road trip with no rules and regulations. Just you, the open road, and a little chocolate 🙂


Antonio Paul  “TRA$H PARTY”
Need a little pick me up before your night out on the town, or before you clean your apartment, or while walking the dog at 7am? “Tra$h Party” is a positive, fun and uplifting track that will certainly energize you for your summer activities.


The Naked And Famous “Hearts Like Ours”
They’re back and the first single from In Rolling Waves (September 13th) is exactly what you would expect from the New Zealand quintet. Light and energetic, looking into the bright future with the past behind you. Another perfect road trip theme song.


Avicii  “Wake Me Up”
This one will for sure be remembered as a 2013 summer track as it’s probably the only house/country/techno jam out there. It’s fun and makes you want to dance – perfect this warm weather season.


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