Summer Set List: Week 3

By Charissa Lock

Here’s the third edition of summer soundtrack material that we’ve been enjoying at KTC!

Do you have Spotify?  You can listen to this killing the cabinet playlist by clicking the Spotify player at the top of this website or by clicking right here.  We’ll add to this list each week until the final day sets on Summer (September 21st). –

Madeon – “Technicolor”
Last summer we were introduced to the deliciously crunchy young producer’s “Finale,” and this past weekend we were delivered yet another Madeon classic.  Though this one is a bit on the dreamier side, it remains uber catchy with an easily swallowed melody.


Typhoon – “Dreams of Cannibalism”
A tune of epic proportions from the 10+ comrades who always deliver something quite significant.  The usual choral background vocals, with severely intense instrumentation, strikes again as this single promotes a worthy summer.


Vinyl Thief – “Smooth”
Recently featured on our Up Next, these Nashville lads are welcoming us with a fresh new single off their new album Fathoms.  A little more directed and thicker sounding than previous EP tracks, it’s an excellent sign for things to come.


Franz Ferdinand – “Love Illumination”
Crank the volume about ten notches; it’s time to let loose with the newest single off of their latest album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.  Distorted guitars gitty-up this catchy chorus in a super sing-along for these August dog days.


Beck – “I Won’t Be Long”
Two separate albums and two singles have been keeping Beck occupied since his twenty song sheet music adventure of 2012.  The second of two singles is the one that has me hooked with the verses’ juicy melody reminding me more of a 90s tune lying between a Strokes –like chorus.  There are some whisperings of futuristic synth, but it’s ever so slight that you may have missed who the artist is.  It’s Beck.

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLIBuuJnQHg[/youtube]

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