Summer Set List: Week 4

by Charissa Lock


Matt Koma – “Suitcase”

Usually I kick things into action, upbeat tunes with swift beats, but this Matt Koma tune sends me into a blissful mood.  His delicate vocals allow this mellower track to be less tearful than the intention, which allows himself a spot on our summer set list.  In-your-face emotions are presented to you in an almost r&b delivery as his intonations play amongst a soulful backdrop.



The Mowglis – “San Francisco”

Because a group anthem (with a horn section) about love is a necessary component during our witnessing of shorter days and cooler nights.  As the summer is transitioning into fall we need to keep our optimistic spirits high with leg kicking sing-alongs promoting peace, love, and kindness.



FMLYBND – “Electricity”

Goodness gracious, that intro synth melody is clutch.  Late nights, drinks in hand, friends by your side – life can’t get any better (unless “Electricity” was playing).  A tint of ambient soars through, a dollop of M83 synthesizer, and a whole lot of catchy-deliciousness.



Cage The Elephant – “Come A Little Closer”

Vocal intonation is key here, or maybe lack there of?  The typical CTE lethargically raw vocals hit high falsettos and persevere nicely through sexy melodies and bright guitar riffs.  The bridge is pretty dope, intensifying with a relaxed build-up back into the chorus.



Fitz and the Tantrums – “Out of My League”

Better late than never…is a saying that fits perfectly here.  You’ve probably heard this hip twitching tune quite a lot this summer, so I figured I should add it in before the leaves start changing color.  A little repetitive, but those “Ooo-ooo-oo-oo-oo-ooo-uuu-oo”‘s suck you right back in and you’re singing along and snapping again before you know it.


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