Summer Set List

by Charissa Lock & Aurora Cowen

This summer has been streaming with “this is the number one song of the summer” in all genres and categories since…May.  With so many tunes to choose from, we decided to share them all.  What are those few songs you have swirling around your head while you drive to the beach, sit around a fire with your closest friends, or just take a quiet walk for some you-time?  Here’s the first of a weekly list we’ll stream sharing those tunes that are joyfully playing the soundtrack the middle and end of your summer.

Do you have Spotify?  You can listen to this killing the cabinet playlist by clicking the Spotify player at the top of this website or by clicking right here.  We’ll add to this list each week until the final day sets on Summer (September 21st).
Sara Bareilles “Brave”

Feeling glum?  Drowning in lack of motivation?  Let Miss Sara Bareilles help you with all of the above.  This energized, good feeling tune is basically all of those motivational posters combined into one.  How could you have a bad day with these lyrics of inspiration, catchy melodies, and Sara’s sweet vocals we all love pumping through your veins?


Phoenix “Trying To Be Cool”

The swanky vibe and echoed riffs were enough to make me feel like I was superior with my windows down listening to Phoenix’s latest single off of Bankrupt!.  Then, I saw the music video and realized my somewhat sarcastic approach to this tune was exaggerated in the best of ways.


Smallpools “Mason Jar”

They came from thin air and descended upon us merciful souls with an electro pop dance party and have stolen away our ability to chose whether or not to like their newest single “Mason Jar,” but instead have forced us because we can’t seem to not like it.  Don’t hate the contagion, hate the human condition.  This track off their newly released EP is summer in a catchy little package that forces limbs and other extremities to move in flowing movements chirping “I miss the way you feel…”


The Neighbourhood “Sweater Weather”

I have this whole personal category of sexy music, that isn’t necessarily considered “sexy.” Just something about it, whether vocals or simplicity in melodies that quietly whisper “sexy.” So when The Neighbourhood came out with “Sweater Weather” earlier this spring I would get the little head sway and all, but it wasn’t until my recent summer roadtrip to New York. As if it came on and smacked me in the face, wondering why I wasn’t obsessed with it months ago.  The song was stuck in my head the entire trip and the sexiness involved is just something personal, I suppose.


Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines”

Transitions, the bassline, and fluid vocal switches + Pharell + composition luck = the popularity and amazement of this song.  I love this and it takes everything in my being to not cringe when I say that due to my typical anti-maintream nature.  When a song is on the radio and I get excited with half the population of America I check to make sure I didn’t lose my mind and then I dance.  Here’s the thing though, this isn’t a guilty pleasure track because I can back up exactly why I blast the radio when it comes on based on those factors I previously mentioned and that’s what makes this tune worthy to be on my summer set list.


“Here’s Vampire Weekend‘s take on this track:


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