Super Chill, Super Rad, Super Sexy: The 1975’s self-titled LP

By Charissa Lock

Matthew Healy, I appreciate your sexy harsh British accent sunk into smooth vocals.  I think it’s quite provocative and feel it puts a rather enticingly ‘chill’ spin on your album.  Likewise, the Mayer-esque guitar melodies and general mainstream-indie relaxed nature sink into welcoming bloodstreams.  Trying to get a handle on these pop tunes broadcasted by young indie start-up bands and recognize your role as a premiere gateway drug.  You’re music-driven perfectionists who have been transfixed on creating an album of high standards as a debut following four strong EPs.  I like that, and also appreciate how catchy and flirtatious these sixteen tracks are.  You could have easily plucked multiple completed tunes off of your EPs to include as the bulk of your self-titled, but for whichever reason, only singles managed to travel on.  This is something I find refreshing, as I’m often disappointed to only get about five new tracks on full-length albums where the rest of the songs have been carried over by preceding EPs.  Basically, The 1975, I dig your finished product and have been rocking out to it on the repeat.

The singles remain flawless in their togetherness on one album, but they don’t overrun the album and allow others to gain significant consideration.  The 1975 certainly allowed many radio-friendly moments throughout, providing the possibility of mainstreaming their music and enlarging their fanbase.  With their killer live performance, it seems that they easily live up to their professional recorded sound and will swiftly engulf impressed crowds.  Certainly audiences will fall for their early 90’s pop instrumental uses as the foundation for many tracks (“Talk!,” “Robbers,” etc.), catered with modern synth and looping, establishing a fresh atmosphere.  The Healy vocals and vocal melodies continue this environment for an automatic recognition of current genres.  And let’s not forget those sexy guitar riffs shyly rolling by in complicated determination, causing quite a stir.

So, it’s like this…you want every song to be a soundtrack to your life.  Driving down the highway as the sun sets behind your passenger window, hair bouncing off the headrest, one hand on the wheel while the other taps the 90s beats  to “Pressure.”  As you exit the vehicle and footsteps are treading over newly cut grass, “Menswear” presents itself providing the pace in which you place your next step.  Arriving at your destination amongst others, your imagination drifts on “M.O.N.E.Y.” and you giddily picture a flash mob of people clapping and singing back-up vocals, following your every step in a slow-mo hip hop fashion.  If all of our lives could have continuous soundtracks there would be no need for an imagination, so please be careful when you listen to this album with headphones.

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