Take Three: Young Galaxy’s Ultramarine

“New Summer”

by Matthew Downes

Some summers never come fast enough and when they do they’re all a bit blurry because life gives you just a couple months a year to share in all its glory. The emotional impact of songs about this time of year are generally long lasting. “New Summer” is a song about the summers in our modern world. Driving around listening to the radio under the moon, dancing and patiently waiting for the “drop” of your favorite DJ while Young Galaxy reminds us that our computers are a crutch. The curtain opens on this pop song with a warm steel drum that shares legs with contemporary artists Zola Jesus and my 2013 crush Gold Fields.  Looking forward to a west coast Los Angeles tour stop, if and when we get one.

Hey, its a new summer.  Can we live there..like it’s our last one? Grade A

“Fall For You”

by Aurora Cowen

The first drum beat hits hard and you’re sucked in to Young Galaxy’s “Fall For You,” the experimental Caribbean pop track from the band’s fourth LP Ultramarine. The swirling synthesizers, tribal beats and heavy keyboards alongside lead singer Catherine McCandless’ rich, echoing vocals take you on a hopeful, lighthearted yet monumental journey that details the emotions of falling in love. Rather than focusing on the “what if’s” of a blooming relationship and the ups and downs, “Fall For You” relays the experience as organic, positive and completely natural. The instrumentation reflects exactly that, reminiscent of Harry Belafonte’s “Day-o (Banana Boat Song),” radiating cheerful, vivacious energy that captures and effortlessly moves you. At first listen, I was taken back to my days as a child listening to the Lion King soundtrack, understandig the tragedy of the story yet hearing the uplifting and epic instrumental tale of the “Circle of Life.” “Fall For You” is a breath of freash air in the present day pop music industry saturated with not-so-great songs about love and human relationships.

Grade B+

“Sleepwalk With Me”

by Charissa Lock

Continuing the island feel Aurora has shared with “Fall For You,” their final track off of the swiftly moving Ultramarine qualifies as the final coconut margarita on the pale sand.  “Sleepwalk With Me” carries your thoughts and emotions throughout the album quietly away while drifting you into the casually rising pink and oranges of the sunrise.  The marimba style percussion soothes the wound from tracks that were sorrowful and maybe a bit edgier.   Vocals remain prominent and filled with confidence, empathy and advice; allowing you to collapse into McCandless’ supportive understanding.  Pulling up the anchor and allowing your soul to be reminiscent of your past just one last time as life’s uncompromising push leads you into the dawn of a new day.


Grade B


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