The 2014 Grammys: Three Can’t Misses

by Matthew Downes

I don’t expect our blog to hit you every single time.  The music we put up here isn’t even in the majority within our own company sometimes.  If you’re listening you are truly winning.  Whether its Merle Haggard, Katy Perry or Pharrell Williams you help perpetuate the music industry as a whole. Keep it up.

That said, wasn’t Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar‘s performance kinda perfect?  A mashed up version of ID’s “Radioactive” with lyrics from KLa’s Grammy-dismissed Good Kid, M.A.A.D City record (even Macklemore and Ryan Lewis agreed!). Check it out:


I’m not a Beyonce OR Jay-Z fan.  I’ve never been from day one, so this isn’t hate spewing here of any type.  I think I’ve liked one Beyonce song of the dozens in her catalog and if I go another 10 years without hearing “99 Problems” it’ll be a solid decade. However, could you have opened the Grammys any better?


Daft Punk + Pharrell Williams + Stevie Wonder
Not sure I need to say more? Congrats to the Robots on all of their accomplishments this year.  Maybe the best example of results based marketing…ever!


I’m dismissing Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, with Madonna and Queen Latifah because I don’t like any of their music, but their message was quite powerful.  34 couples were married during the mash-up signifying America’s movement towards marriage equality.  Kudos!

ktc mgmt

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